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08-22-2000, 07:42 AM
Hiya folks. It's true, it's true,( hehe, you WWF fans will recognize that eh? :eek:)
<br> On my... ahem... web site... I have posted a link to a RECIPES page. On it are 3! of Garth's mom's recipes that she use to make for Garth and the rest of her family. Recipes courtesy of 'Country America Celebrity Recipes' cookbook. Each recipe has a little pic of Garth and a caption underneath. Go take a look! Try out the recipes, I tried two and they are DELICIOUS! I triple checked my typing to make sure I got it down right. Good luck and BON APETIT!
<br>P.S. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the huge link.:P
<br>Oh what the hey! Here's a direct link, although you don't wanna miss the rest of the site. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself. lol
<br>Have a Garthriffic day,
<br>Ellie :)

08-22-2000, 08:59 AM
It IS a great site, Ellie! Thank You! :) I'm going to go check it out again now. :)N

08-22-2000, 10:08 AM
Thanks for the lonk!! Very cool site!!!! :) :) :) :)
<br>Vanessa :)N

08-22-2000, 10:13 AM
As I am copying down the recipies (Is that illegal or something??), does anyone know what in the heck Liquid Smoke is??? I don't have the faintest (sp?) idea! :)
<br>Vanessa :)N

08-22-2000, 10:20 AM
You should be able to find liquid smoke somewhere near the BBQ sauce, tabasco sauce, etc. A friend of mine uses it. It's in a container like tabasco sauce is in. The kind she buys is in a brown bottle. N

08-22-2000, 02:09 PM
Thanks for your help gbfan7!!! :) :) :) I apprecaite it!! :) :)
<br>Vamnessa :)N

08-22-2000, 03:21 PM
Thanks a lot Ellie:)

08-22-2000, 05:12 PM
Thanks Ellie! I look forward to trying out the recipes. :)N

08-23-2000, 05:58 AM
Thanks, Ellie. I'll have to try them.
<br>Cabbage rolls sound good. My Mom made cabbage rolls when I was a kid but I haven't yet tried it. I have only made it with corned beef.

08-23-2000, 11:34 AM
Thanks Ellie! :) I printed them out, I hope thats O.K.!
<br> Joan N