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08-14-2000, 05:37 AM
<br>Steve Wariner
<br>While the Republican Convention takes place in Philadelphia next week, the National Federation of Republican Women will host a luncheon to honor Texas First Lady Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush has long been involved in literacy programs for children, so the NFRW is collecting children’s books at the luncheon, to be donated to a local literacy project. Steve Wariner is one of a number of celebrities who autographed and donated their favorite children’s book to the cause. He chose Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs & Ham, A Kiss Like This and Bonnie’s Big Day. Garth Brooks donated A Bad Case of Stripes, about not being afraid to be yourself, while Susan Ashton donated the classic The Giving Tree.
<br>I took this from www.capitol-nashville.com it was under Steve Wariner's news.... LOL Sorry if this is old news. It's new to me
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08-14-2000, 09:45 AM
Very Cool Nelly :)
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very cool :)N

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Thats sweet and cool :):cool: See good things do happen!:)

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