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07-30-2000, 02:32 PM
y'all care to hear a pirate song about Garth and Stillwater? Lassies, imagine we're on a rolling ship and are gathered around all them handsome cowboys when we start singing:P
<br>Auch, damn yer eyes fer ye hae gone and dunnit
<br>Now damn your eyes so blue
<br>Like a tidal wave, i've been swept away
<br>And it's all becos of you, m'laddies
<br>Damn yer eyes and them pearl white smiles
<br>Fer they'll sink the stoutest heart-i-o
<br>Auch them eye's of brown, hove me back around
<br>I'll be moored forever more, now damn ye!
<br>Damn yer eyes and yer pearl white smiles
<br>Aye damn their sea green hue
<br>And it's low i will go, fer to ol'Davey's hold
<br>For i afear that i am drownin'
<br>and i'm lost forever more
<br>middle (fiddle part)
<br>i hae never seen, nor run foul a'wind
<br>Such a motley crew as you-i-o
<br>Could stir up this heart, i'll glad with it part
<br>Fer i know it's in 'safekeepin'
<br>Now damn yer eyes for ye gone an dunnit
<br>Sure, i'm lost forever more
<br>i'll be lost a sea fer eternity
<br>Fer them eyes, brown, green and blue...
<br>Damn yer eyes and yer pearl white smiles
<br>Thank God for lads like you!
<br>{c} deAnnalynn 1999
<br>McAleen Productions

07-30-2000, 03:34 PM
Very cool song:):)

major tom
07-31-2000, 02:00 AM
Yo ho ho & a bottle of Captain Morgans ;)
<br>:cool: song deAnnalyn