View Full Version : Saw Garth in Pittsburgh today!!!!!

07-19-2000, 04:42 PM
Okay so I just used that line to get your attention, but I did see Garth today. I was coming home from Childrens Hospital with my son today and we were at a stoplight and a bus pulled out with a great big picture of Garths face on the back!! So nice!!! Anyway this was my Garth moment, probably as close as Ill ever get. Just something I wanted to tell everyone cause I thought it was so cool. Anytime I see Garth is so cool.N

07-19-2000, 05:24 PM
Yes.. you had my attention right now!! :eek:
<br>Thanks for sharing!

07-19-2000, 05:27 PM
Very :cool:
<br>thanks for sharing!!

Lost 'n' Garth
07-20-2000, 05:08 AM
Just curious...What was the picture?..an advertisement for Garth? Cool that it was on the back of a bus!!
<br>Knowing me I would have followed the bus around for miles looking at the picture. LOL :rolleyes:

07-20-2000, 07:34 AM
Yeah, I'd probably follow it around too, much to my boyfriend's dismay!! Lisa
<br>PS: You really got my attentionN

07-20-2000, 11:24 AM
Very cool:)

07-20-2000, 11:43 AM
Very, Very Cool!!
<br>Donna :):):)N

07-20-2000, 11:52 AM
You got me going !
<br>But it's a :cool: story.