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03-16-2000, 01:35 PM
Know what the sales are for "No Fences?" I just saw in one of the post "The Hungry Years" that Shania has now got 17 million sales on her album that's out now. If we EVER do anything else for Garth like in the past couple of months I wish it could be for "No Fences." If there was only some way that the Members of "Planet Garth" and the Members of other sites that support him could possibly get the sales of "No Fences" past that of Shania's album. Am I hoping for too much? Heck I know she's put out what.....10 singles or so off of it? Would be nice to see our man back on top. What do you all think??....lol...that I'm nuts for suggesting this? Yep.....a Garthnutt if I am, so are there enough GB nuts to do this?<BR>TriciaN

03-16-2000, 01:46 PM
Tricia,<P>I know.. it really stinks :(<P>Well... I am not sure if this is possible, but it is really hard to get passed *S* because No Fences is a very old album. <P>TommyN

03-16-2000, 01:51 PM
Well, I like them both, so I have no problem at all with her selling 17 millions :)<P>17 millions can't be wrong :)<P>BrianN

03-16-2000, 02:02 PM
Brian,<BR>But if the G-Man is your favorite, and he is mine, I wish that it could go back to being No. 1. She pulled of very smart marketing, something that you would normally think Garth would do.. :) Going International with the Album and the sales being combined. I didn't think it would be but I guess that's how it works. Heck, we have bought a lot in the past few months for him. Went and bought the extras and sent in the receipts for them. It could be a GB FAN thing all over instead of just Plant Garth. If someone knows the numbers on "No Fences" please post them. I know it's 15 million at least.<BR>TriciaN

03-16-2000, 08:20 PM
Garth is only my 2nd favorite :)<BR>Springsteen is still #1 :)<P>Hmmm, Garth DID indeed make such a trick with the limited series :) They also added those CD's to the rest so that he could reach his 100 million mark.<BR>And also remember all the FE's that we buy as extras :) Shania doesn't do that :)<P>I am sure "No Fences" has past 16 millions :D<P>BrianN

03-17-2000, 01:28 AM
Hey, are you blind? Let me explain it. <P>Shania did release "Come On Over" the COUNTRY album in the states in ..1997(?) first. Then she wanted to enter the European market with her songs but had to realize soon: NO ONE really is interested in country music for charts. So she (or her hubby) has been smart, did mix that album with loadsa techno beats and drums and TARAAAA, the European cut of Come On Over was done. She did sell well, also in Germany she was Top 10 with it. AMAZING success for her and it's alright with me. <P>But what I don't understand is that THIS European Version is out now in the USA so as it sounds different as the orginal cut there is NO DOUBT that each "real" Shania Fan wants a version of that CD too.<P>So it doesn't matter to me that album was sold more as Garth's album because Garth didn't release two versions of his album and did stay at his roots: COUNTRY!<P>As I said I like her songs and I liked her orginally released COUNTRY album of Come on Over. The other cut is just plain and simple pop music and they should separate those genres without any doubt in my eyes.<BR>What do you think??? <P>Okay, you have a great day and see you next time, bye<P>a + b = Dani xxxN

03-17-2000, 02:47 AM
Come On Over is an amazing <B> 27 </B> million worlwide!<P>You've got to remember that Shania'a songs from COO are on at least three musical formats. AC, Top 40, and Country. She was the top selling AC artist last year. NF was heard scrictly on the country stations. <P>I don't like her music myself but Brian's right.... 27 million can't be wrong. She now holds the title of having the most sales of one album by a female artist beating Alanasis's Jagged Little Pill.<P>Congrats, ShaniaN

03-17-2000, 03:55 AM
i think people should be comparing twain to the backstreet boys its the same music, it sounds THE SAME, its just pop(by the way backstreet boys would win against her, not that thats the point, cause i hate them both).....not to Garth, but i don't care cause Garth is still the BEST SELLING ARTIST IN MUSIC! :D and the bsb or twain will not beat that if anyone will it will be an actual musician.....i hope that bubble gum pop is not popular for much longer :( .....anyway it doesn't bother me! :), oh sorry it i offended any bsb or twain fans :o (the only twain fan i can name off the top of my head is Brain, sorry man, i hope your not too offended seeing how she is not your #1 fav, and i don't think you like bsb right? ...i hope not anyway :o lol)<P>aRi<P>aRiN

03-17-2000, 01:10 PM
WOW <B>27 millions</B> world wide???<P>WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO :D :D :D :D :D :D That's amazing :)<BR>I am soooo glad she beat that little brat to Alanis Morisette :D :D :D<P><B>Ari</B><BR>Shame on you :o :o ;)<BR>POP music, country music or none of both, she is still like 1000 times better than<P>BSB<BR>Matchbox 20<BR>Creed :( :(<BR>Limp Bizkit :( :(<P>And FYI Garth is still the best selling artist in music IN USA!!!<BR>In the world he is WAY behind The Beatles and Elvis, infact he will never reach them :o :o<P>Anyway, I am happy that two of my favorites has sold that much :)<P>Brian :DN

03-17-2000, 01:16 PM
Brian,<P>well actually bsb IS waaay more popular then twain cause their new album has been out less then a year and has sold over 12 million or something like that in the U.S. and worldwide its like between 20-30(which i think is soooo sad :(), not that i like them or anything, just making a point :o *lol*<P>aRiN

03-17-2000, 01:23 PM
oh sorry Brain, i thought you said she was BIGGER(popluar) then backstreet boys instead of BETTER, thats why my post was about why they are bigger, sorry my reply didn't make sense :o,....hey, Brian, just a question how do you feel about the fact that she is a backstreet boys fan?<P>aRiN

03-17-2000, 01:44 PM
Seeing that Garth like James Taylor and I can't stand that $&%$, I have no problem with her being a BSB fan :)<P>B-r-i-a-n ;) ;)N