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05-04-2000, 06:16 AM
Hey everyone, although Country Weekly has become a bit tabloidish...check out this issue! There's a good article in it about Trisha, titled <B>Facing Real Life</B> and there's a good photo of him and Trisha with a short article about <B>"Frequency"</B> and in it he says, <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Brooks has seen the movie three times and tags it as "one of the smartest movies I've ever seen".<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>There's also a VERY nice photo of him with Bobby Valentine and Bruce Bochy when they presented him with the scrapbook from Spring Training.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

05-04-2000, 06:57 AM
Thanks Cheryl,<P>I guess I'll just have to pick it up this afternoon after work.<P>TomN

05-04-2000, 09:51 AM
Oh cool.... I would check it out :)<P>TommyN

05-04-2000, 10:14 AM
Yea.. I posted about this a while agoo.... ;)<P>IT's a great pic.. ;-) Both of them.. and it was sweet of SD and Mets to make a scrapbook for Garth. <P>NellyN

05-04-2000, 10:18 AM
Sorry Nelly, I didn't see your post! :) I just got this issue in the mail today.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

05-04-2000, 11:07 AM
Got mine in the mail today .. very nice pictures :)<P>JENN

05-04-2000, 12:13 PM
Thanks for the info., Cheryl!<P>I'll pick one up today!<P>~Ann~N

05-04-2000, 01:46 PM
Hey Cheryl...<P>No Biggie... hehe.. ;)<P>NellyN