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07-01-2000, 07:06 PM
When you are listening to "When You Come Back To Me Again," what does the song mean to you? What is he singing about?N

07-01-2000, 07:13 PM
Hi Amy. :-)
<br>I havne't lost anyone and I already have faith in God, thanks to unanswered prayers. and I'm too young to have long lost love.
<br>I just love that song. :) it's Garth's best.

07-01-2000, 09:30 PM
None of these
<br>Actually the song mostly explains what Garth and his music has done for me.
<br>The lines "On a prayer, in a song, I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on." to me, explains Garth in a nutshell for many of us.

07-01-2000, 09:47 PM
Yep Derek...You're absolutely right! ;) I wish I could add that one to the poll now! Well anyways, like you, that song keeps me Believing that Garth is still reaching out to us.....On a prayer, in a song, I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on.......
<br>By the way, I voted all the above ;)N

07-01-2000, 11:37 PM
I voted for "Hope and Inspiration" :)

07-02-2000, 01:54 AM
None of the above:)
<br>To me it's just a good song:)

major tom
07-02-2000, 02:06 AM
I voted for all of the above even though I do not have 'faith' but it was too hard to pick just one out of the first three options.

07-02-2000, 03:21 AM
I picked hope and inspiration, but I probably should have picked all the above.
<br>The reason I picked hope and inspiration is because to me, Garth is singing this song for his Mom. He took all his pain and wrote the most beautiful lyrics. He sent a song to Heaven.
<br>This helps me believe that Garth will heal, and when he comes back to us again, his Mom will be right there with him. She will be the light in his eyes.

07-02-2000, 04:18 AM
Now I'm not saying that some of the choices don't apply; but I didn't vote - the "none of the above" choice wasn't there.
<br>It's a very personal song for Garth, he has said so. There has to be some really important reason he hasn't released it and hasn't given in to the requests for release. It isn't for his fans - or he would have released it. It is partially for his mother, partially for himself, and partially for what he doesn't want to talk about. I think of it as Garth's song.
<br>And I think of it as a song that desribes his deep feelings extremely well.

07-02-2000, 04:39 AM
Actually...Garth did make a video of the song using sets from the movie....I believe the song is for the "People" that are touched by it and listen to it...
<br>and there is a large demand for this song...I heard that on the radio...but just because it wasn't released to the radio...it still could be found on CMT...etc...as a video...
<br>and Garth has said in the past that he didn't make video's for his songs unless they could add a third dimension to them and make the viewer learn something from them...and he did his video's few and far between for a reason...he wanted the listener to have his own interpretation to the song without being influenced by a video unless the video could add to the song...
<br>so...there must be a reason Garth did a video to this song....and the video is saying something to the viewer as the the song is saying something to the heart...but it's up to each of us to decide what that is...
<br>I do know one thing...
<br>the song and video makes me cry...and it Moves me in ways I don't understand...:)
<br>Thanks Amy for a wonderful poll question! :)

07-02-2000, 05:22 AM
Oh yes, there is something very deep and personal about this song and video. Garth indeed is like a Lighthouse to us, encouraging us to have faith.
<br>And there is something about his eyes and hands that seeks to draw us closer to him I think, those fans that are truly reaching back. His eyes are the longing of a lonely man, one who knows how we feel too. He sure knows how to make us feel his love way deep inside. Maybe he needs to feel more of ours too.
<br> At least he is talking to God again. We will all benefit from that. As well as from his music.N

07-02-2000, 05:57 AM
This song has special meaning to my daughter & I. It came out right before we lost my ex father-in-law. Her grandfather was a very special man to my children & I. It tells me that one day we'll be together again. I heard it on the radio because they taped it from somewhere & I recorded it from that and played it several times. We had seen the video a few times before their grandfather passed away but it really hit home then. On June 22, almost a month after he had died, the song came on the radio & my daughter & I were alone in my van. She became very quiet & just started looking out the window. I asked her what was wrong & she said she didn't like the song. When I asked her why, she said because it reminds me of grandpa. I told her that it would help her because it was telling her that she would see him again one day. She still has a hard time dealing with this & doesn't like to listen to the song, but she does understand that the music will help her. By the end of the song that day in my van she had tears in her eyes, which led me to have tears in my eyes. She doesn't remember my father so this was the only grandfather she really knew & now she doesn't have him. One day this song will give her more strength than she will ever know & I thank Garth for that. His music has helped me so many times before & now it will help my children also. This one is right up there with "The Dance" in my book. Sorry this is a long post but I had to tell you the whole story. One day they will come back to us again & until then we can know that they are giving us the strength to go on.

07-02-2000, 09:03 AM
I agree with many of the things I have seen in your comments. The song does make me think of Garth because his music does keep us hanging on. We are always looking forward to hearing new music, a TV appearance, the Chris Gaines movie, anything Garth. It also makes me think of my mother and brother I lost many years ago. My mother died in 1976 of a brain tumor and my brother died in January of 1977 in a fire. The beach cottage he died in was totally destroyed and nothing could be salvaged. We did find beside his bed my mother's picture in perfect conditon and the cover of a book that said "We are not alone". It really made you think and we took it as a message that they were together and okay. I can't thank Garth enough for such a touching song. It rates right up there with "The Dance" from my point of view.N

07-02-2000, 10:26 AM
I picked Missing a loved one who has passed on 'cause we played WYCBTMA at my neice's funeral. Every time I hear this song, it makes me cry

07-02-2000, 10:53 AM
Obviously Garth's newest song has touched our souls in various ways. Amy and I were wondering about the impressions everyone has about this song, hence the poll!! It's a wonderful song and Garth did not hold back his emotions one iota when he recorded it.
<br>I voted for Hope & Inspriation, myself!

07-04-2000, 07:37 PM
Hi everybody,
<br> I picked all of these because i think he thought about his mom he thought about his fans he thought about people who were in pain, i think he even thought about people like me because I'm kinda going through the depression stage because I've had at least 31 surgeries I'm 15 years old with a disability called spina bifada,my dad went through a heart transplant three years ago I lost a friend to cancer, he was only 30 years old. i've had so many people leave me weather it was because of death or moving, I had a youth minister leave me and move to louisanna while My mom rented a hospital bed for me at home. I think he thought about my friend who was holding a knife about to kill herself. ya know if you think about it, he was talking about and singing about the entire world, and what about him forshadowing about his future with the wwhole idea of retiring.i might be loosing my mind but that's just what I think. thanks for lisitening, i appreciate it.
<br> I'll see you when i come back to you again, (and I will),
<br> Rightnow777
<br> N

07-06-2000, 11:29 AM
I think it would have been a great song for the movie The Perfect Storm.

07-06-2000, 07:07 PM
OMG!!! Your right Lisa!!! Thanks for posting that!! :) :) :cool: idea!!
<br>I was stuck between Hope and Inspiration and Faith in God. I don't have a long lost love; I lost a cousin about 6 or 7 years ago, I've come to terms with it though. The reason that I picked these 2 are because: I think that he's encouraging us to have faith and to believe in God.
<br>In my opinion, I think that this song is telling me that when you're lost, you'll beable to find your way home.
<br>I agree with you Derek. :) N

07-07-2000, 07:54 AM
You know what 777? I must be losing my mind too, because I agree with you that Garth has a way, especially with this song, to connect with the pain inside of each of us, as if he knows what we are really going through, even as individuals. And he shines that Hope to us that we can find our way home if our heart is in the right place.
<br> Oh yes, I lost my mind a long time ago! What a waste it was! Good riddance! Ya know? Garth has shown me it's the heart that matters and lives on.N

07-10-2000, 12:54 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies.
<br>fuzzwuzz: You really know how to interpret the song so well...Thanks for coming along for the ride. This song has touched my heart so much. I'm finding my way home more and more everyday thanks to Garth's music, not to mention Chris Gaines'.
<br>I'd like to dedicate this song to Garth and his family today, Colleen's Birthday.
<br>God Bless.

07-10-2000, 03:26 PM
Amy, isn't it great how Garth's songs just seem to come ALIVE for us in our lives? This one especially. I am learning as I go along on this ride. We all have so much to share with one another as we do. We inspire each other. I simply cannot contain my excitement at times, I hope no one minds. If the way home includes spending it with Garth forever, then that's even better! He can drive this baby to the stars! "But what a beautiful night for a drive...just follow all the signs to paradise... Take the keys to my heart and drive it home!"N

07-13-2000, 12:22 AM
Yep, Dale, this song puts me in that "character" portrayed in the song, and it comes Alive, and is now forever part of my life. This song just compements Garth to the highest level of complements that there is. And then you,Dale, just bring out these thoughts I have to write to the world! :cool: Just like "thinking out loud!" :) I can't contain myself either! Well, just 'gotta do what I gotta do! :):):):):):):) Yep I took them keys and haven't quit this ride yet and never will! I'll Keep Believing 'til the day I die. And you can hold me to that! :)
<br><P>(This message has been edited by AZamy77)N

07-13-2000, 02:59 PM
You mean Dreaming Out Loud don't you Amy?!N

07-14-2000, 08:36 AM
That's right! :cool:N

08-22-2000, 07:10 AM
<br>This song means the world to me. Let's push it to #1! N