View Full Version : Susie Boggus/GB question

05-03-2000, 06:43 PM
Ok, a few years back (98?) Susie had a cd come out, called "Nobody loves, nobody gets hurt" (or something like that). My question is, Garth DID do background vocals on a song on that disc. Which one was it?<P>I saw a promo single for "someone to love" in a local store and want to know if it was this song, or another. So I know to get it or not. Thanks :)<P>dwayneN

05-04-2000, 03:33 AM
Dwayne,<P>The title of the song is "Take Me Back."<P>~Ann~N

05-04-2000, 04:20 AM
Thanks, now I don't have to run back to the store and get it :) Thanks for the info, Ann!<P>dwayneN