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06-27-2000, 06:35 AM
hey Guys, I know about most of the duets Garth has done, but I would like to know all of them, so please list the duets that you know of, or if he sang back up on anyone's cd.
<br>Here's what I have so far.....
<br>I know all the Trisha ones,
<br>and the Steve warner ones,
<br>What You gonna do with a cowboy,
<br>One heart at a time
<br>I know there are more but can't remember with who

06-27-2000, 07:06 AM
i know he sang backup on suzy bogguss' cd from 2 or 3 years agoN

06-27-2000, 10:21 AM
Thanks, I heard about that, does anyone know what the name of the song is......N

06-27-2000, 10:46 AM
Well, it's not exactly a duet (neither is One Heart at a Time) but didn't Garth sing on George Jones' I Don't Need No Rocking Chair?N

06-27-2000, 10:53 AM
<br>If you go to http://www.troyal-garth-brooks.org/ they have the most comprenesive list i've seen in a while. When you get there on the left is a navigation bar, click on "Garth & Co." You should find all the songs where Garth sings lead, a duet, in background or in chorus. Hope this helps!
<br>Emily N