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04-19-2000, 02:03 PM
Hey fellow PGers who are also Paul Fans :) This news was just released today on Paul Brandt:<P>Brandt in limbo<BR>With sales dwindling, local country star and his American record label part company <BR>By ANIKA VAN WYK<BR>Calgary Sun<BR> <BR>Paul Brandt and his U.S. record label are saying: "I Don't." <P> The Calgary-raised country star and Reprise Records, which signed Brandt in the U.S., have parted ways after three studio albums and a Christmas release. <P> "It's a very positive thing. This is an upgrade. This was mutual consent and we're happy and excited about the future," says Dan Raines, president of Creative Trust Management, which manages the reigning Juno and Canadian Country Music Association male country vocalist of the year. <P> "We've had a long positive run with Reprise in the U.S. and Warner in Canada. <P> "It's been a very positive relationship ... but we feel like the best thing is we need to find another partner." <P> Raines stressed they would like to stay with Warner Music Canada. However, that may not be possible if Brandt signs a new deal in the U.S. <P> If things go as planned, Raines says Brandt should have a new album out within 14 months. <P> "We will continue to have records out there and I don't think it will be just a Canadian album. Paul is writing right now. He's in a real creative mode." <P> Brandt's record sales have been eroding in recent years. <P> His debut album Calm Before the Storm reached gold status in the U.S., with 500,000 units sold, and went five times platinum in Canada, with sales of 500,000. <P> But his second album, Outside the Frame, only reached platinum in Canada (100,000 units sold) and his latest CD, That's the Truth, just went gold in Canada (50,000) last month. <P> The single I Do, from Calm Before the Storm, reached No. 1 on both sides of the border. <P> Raines attributes the slide in sales to the narrow focus of U.S. radio and its misunderstanding of the youth market. <P> A big part of Brandt's fan base comes from young record buyers. <P> "The last record (That's the Truth) was made for the U.S. market," Raines says. <P> "We'd like to make the next one more for Canadian radio, which is broader. <P> "We have a sense of freedom now -- we're not just pandering to U.S. radio. <P> "He's going to make music Paul loves to make." <P> An announcement about Brandt's U.S. status should be made within the next few months. <P> Brandt does not have a publishing deal. He's been self-published for the past few years. <P> Raines declined a request to interview Brandt at this time. <P>Personally, I'm disgusted with how Paul is treated by U.S. radio. They NEVER play him on any of my local stations, and I get stations out of big markets like Philadelphia and NYC. I don't know why they won't play him, considering he has a wonderful voice and his songs are more country than most. The only way we can help Paul is by requesting him...so if you're a fan of Paul's, just call one station and request, if you want to :)<BR>N

04-19-2000, 02:23 PM
I still haven't heard one of his songs :o :o<BR>Nut I hope he will get some success :)<P>BrianN