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04-02-2000, 10:24 AM
<BR>Trisha Yearwood sets the record straight <P>By ANIKA VAN WYK <BR>Calgary Sun <P>Everybody Knows the rumours! <P>Apparently Trisha Yearwood was putting a wrench in GarthBrooks'marriage. <P>Yearwood and Brooks were recording and touring together, and when she and Mavericks' bass player Robert Reynolds called it quits last fall after more than five years of marriage, the rumour mill went into high gear, linking the two country stars. <P>Yearwood and Brooks have denied any romance and it's not one of Yearwood's favourite topics. "People who want to talk about that kind of stuff, they must not realize what it would be like to be in my shoes, and to have a family and parents that you love and want to protect," Yearwood tells the Sun during a phone interview to promote her new album Real Live Woman. "It's gotten to be such an ugly society."I know the truth and I know who I am, so I don't care what people think." <P>So when these stories come out, do you feel like calling up Sandy(Mrs. Garth Brooks) to explain yourself? <BR>"I know Sandy well and I see her and it's not an issue," Yearwood replies flatly. <P>Well, then, can you two joke about it? <BR>"It's not worth talking about," she says, closing the door on that subject. <P>Yearwood's far more open when discussing her new album and single Real Live Woman. And rightfully so -- it's a fantastic album. <BR>Real Live Woman was the first song Yearwood chose for the album,which was released Tuesday. <P>Songwriter Bobbie Cryner, is a friend of Yearwood's and left the demo tape in her mailbox. "When I got it, I thought: 'Wow, what an amazing song title. I hope the song is as great' -- and it was," she recalls. "I was so inspired by what the song has to say about accepting yourself the way you are. We have such a problem, especially in this country, with self-esteem and self-acceptance." Real Live Woman is generating a great response. <P>On fan-run websites dedicated to Yearwood, there were comments from a young woman who had eating disorders and was inspired to get well, ranging to an angry fan who asked how Yearwood could sing about such messages when she had undergone so much plastic surgery. <BR>"Oh my gawd, you're kidding," laughs Yearwood, when told of the fan feedback. <BR>"I don't have the nerve to have plastic surgery. That's really funny." <P>Many people expected Real Live Woman to follow the lead of country-goes-pop stars such as Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Martina McBride. "That's where most people expected me to go," says Yearwood. "It would have been a natural next step and maybe that is part of why I didn't do it. It was also where my heart was ... I went into the studio and did exactly what I wanted. "I guess if you're around long enough, you get to do what ever you want musically," says the 35-year-old, who's made eight albums over, the last nine years. <P>It also helped that she didn't let her record label listen to the album until it was completely done. "I didn't want anybody to come in and say there's not enough contemporary stuff, or it's way too country, or way too whatever. I didn't want to be told those things." <P>Her secrecy also created a good buzz about the unheard album, so by the time Universal heard it, they loved it. "There is an unspoken panic on Music Row -- what are we going to do to sell more records? Everyone seems to think pop is going to be the thing to keep sales up. <BR>"The great thing about country music right now is it will play Faith Hill, but it'll also play Alan Jackson."Yearwood also finds the success of the very country Dixie Chicks encouraging. <P>"I haven't said this in an interview before and it just came into my head. I got inducted into the Grand Ole Opry last year and I don't know, but I started to feel more of a responsibility. I love country music and it is at the core of who I am. "The reason I am a singer and in this business is because I heard Linda Ronstadt sing when I was 14. So I went back to the music that got me in this business in the first place, and when I went back and listened, those albums sounded more country then what's on the radio today." <P>Besides a distinctly country feel, Real Live Woman is also a wonderful balance of strength and vulnerability. "I joke in my concerts that out of 70 or 80 songs there's probably three or four positive ones in there. I just gravitate to gut-wrenching emotional songs." Of course, on this post-divorce album, people will assume the hurtin' <BR>songs are about her lost love. "I don't want people to hear this album and go 'poor girl, she had such a terrible year. She's obviously used this album as therapy.' "I didn't make this album for people to feel sorry for me. I chose songs like I always do. <P>There are songs that I knew people would say: 'Oh, that's about her and Robert,' and people will have to draw their own conclusions. "I probably would have recorded these songs whether I was happily married or not," she says."Yeah, it was a difficult year in a lot of ways, but it was also a good year in a lot of ways and I'm in a good place."<P><BR>~Ann~N

04-02-2000, 10:46 AM
thats sad that Garth, Sandy, & Trisha have to go thru that just because of the stupid media :(....o well, as long as they all remain friends, although it must be weird sometimes for them :((esp. Sandy and Trisha) well glad once again that the rumors are disspelled! :D<P>aRiN

04-02-2000, 01:35 PM
Umm.... sounds like the album is a <B>must-get</B> thang!! :D I would probably buy this one!! I like her previous one "Where Your Roads Lead" as well :) There are lots of good songs on it.<P>I think "Real Life Women" is awesome!! It has a meaningful message.<P>TommyN

04-02-2000, 02:46 PM
What a sweetheart.<P>HawkN

04-02-2000, 03:23 PM
Thanks for the article :) It's good to hear this coming from her...now maybe the media will just leave Garth alone, and Trisha, too.N

04-02-2000, 04:37 PM
And now the true test of the man...<P>Can Our Dear Brian manage to get through this post and keep a civil tongue in his head...<P>The crowd waits...<P>The anticipation builds....<P> :) :) :) :)N

04-02-2000, 04:40 PM
LOL :)<P>I'm interested in what that Pilgrim guy has to say too. ;)<P>Erin :)N

04-02-2000, 06:02 PM
Well, you may not have to wait too much longer. Last I heard from Brian, he was gonna catch some zzzzzzz's, it was 4 in the afternoon here, on the west coast, it was 1 in the morning there, and he said he had to be up by 6, which is just a couple of minutes away! Weird, huh, to spend your afternoon and evening knowing that, just around the world a bit, someone you know is sleepin' through the darkness of night!?! So, Brian, you gonna check in before you start your day?? We're all a'waitin!<P>Seriously, though, I am sooo glad to hear that Trisha addressed this whole issue. I know that they hate to even give the whole mess the time of day, to give it any credibility whatsoever, and I don't blame them for not usually talking about it, but it feels so good to hear something concrete coming from one of them, so that the stupid rumors can finally RIP! Thank you, Trisha!!!N

04-02-2000, 10:28 PM
Changer<BR>I won't comment on the album :) You know my view on that :)<P>And I will even less comment on GB's marriage :) I just don't see how it could be any of my business.<BR>That's why I have never said anything regarding this subject :)<P>DeeDee<BR>I was going to bed :) Now I am back (at work :o) and it's 10.30am here :)<P>BrianN

04-03-2000, 12:17 AM
to the person who said maybe the press will leave them alone now! I doubt it!! When eveyone thinks that playing around is the norm , and you get someone like the Brooks's; then they are going to get picked on! No one thinks like me that you should honor your wedding vows ; except maybe Garth! And some of you guys! But that puts us Against the Grain, we aren't the type for the Jerry Springer Show guests! Sometimes people on here have started disscussions on Trisha and Gart. And sometimes i have even stopped that by saying my impression of Garth and Trisha relationship is like his and Besty's!! Brother and Sister!!!!!!! Here's my $0.07 worth!;0;0;0;0;0;0 N