View Full Version : Keith Urban

02-13-2000, 09:51 AM
Keith Urban was just in Harrisburg, PA Friday night for our local country station's birthday party and he made a commercial for the radio. I knew he was Australian but have any of you heard him talk? He seems to have a pretty heavy accent which surprised me. Sherrie Austin is Australian and I can kind of tell when she sings but I never would have guessed he's got the accent he does by the way he sings. It just surprised me! He sounded pretty neat! Just wanted to share and wonder if anyone else has heard him talk? :)<P>-KathyN

02-13-2000, 01:32 PM
I have not actually heard him talk. However I have enjoyed his music and just bought his CD recently. It seems to be good I have not had a chance to listen to all of it yet: but have enjoyed what I have heard. I also thank he is attractive and has a good future in country music. Has anyone had a chance to listen to his CD? N