View Full Version : George Strait Christmas song??

01-20-2000, 11:48 AM
Hi guys.<P>Over Christmas, I heard yet another <B>wonderful</B> George Strait song. <BR>The DJ that came on afterward told me what I already knew, that it was George, and that it was off his new Christmas album.<P>I bought "Merry Christmas Wherever You Are" just after Christmas when all the CDs where on sale, and didn't have time to listen to it until now, when to my horror, <B><I>the song is not on it!</I></B><BR>So, could someone PLEASE tell me where I can get the song <I>Christmas Cookies</I>??<BR>Thanks!<BR>HazelN

01-20-2000, 12:28 PM
What a bummer Hazel :( :(<P>I don't know where you can get it :o<P>Brian :(N

Chris Gaines
01-20-2000, 01:36 PM
Hazel,<P>I can't find it on CDNow.com or Amazon.com<P>They both have his XMas albums there.. but no "Christmas Cookies".<P>You 100% sure that is the title of the song?<BR>If it is.. only thing I can suggest is to call your redio station and ask what Album it was on. :)<P>Good Luck!<BR>JasonN

01-21-2000, 09:44 AM
Brits,<P>The song was on a Christmas album from Target. It had other artists like Mark Wills on it too. I can't think who the other artists were though. I am sure they will have it out again next year.N

01-21-2000, 11:33 AM
<B>S23GBfan:</B> Thanks! I'll look out for it next year (you mean I have to wait a whole year??).<P><I>Jason:</I> Yes, I was sure! It goes<P>"I sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar,<BR>I sure do like those Christmas cookies, babe.<BR>The one's that look like Santa Claws,<BR>Christmas trees, and bells and stars.<BR>I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe!"<P>And thanks for nothing Brian! ;) I'll e-mail you soon.<P>See ya guys, and Thanks again!<BR>Hazel :)N