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01-08-2000, 11:05 AM
My local Cat Country is hosting the "Feline Fair 2000" on Super Bowl Sunday. For $10, you get to see Lila McCann, Chalee Tennison, Jennifer Day, and Julie Reeves. I know 3 of them aren't big name people, but I really like Jennifer Day's new song "The Fun of Your Love", and Chalee has a nice voice. So, does anyone think it will be worth it for me to go? N

01-08-2000, 02:19 PM
I think Lila McCann is really good, but I don't know the others :o :o<P>What is Feline Fair? :o<P>BrianN

01-08-2000, 05:45 PM
It is just the name given to the event. They give everything a name having to do with Cats, because that's the name of the station.N

01-09-2000, 03:31 AM
Oh cool :D<BR>I think you should go :) :) Only 10 dollars :)<P>I bet you wanted the station to change name to something with dogs ;)<BR> <BR>I even have the song for them :)<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>There is a dog sh!t in my garden<BR>And when I cut my grass<BR>The dog sh!t is no longer in my garden<BR>It is sitting under my footsole<BR>And smells like a doggy's ass<BR>And that is not the smell of Elizabeth Arden<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR> :o :o :o :o Sorry i guess I went a bit off topic there :o :o :o<P>Brian :oN

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