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12-28-1999, 04:04 AM
Hey everyone,<P>I know, she's not a country artist, but i like all types of music. Your wondering what "(6) Reflection" is aren't you. Well, song # 6 on her album named "Reflection" is an awesome song. In fact i've put it in my top 5 ever songs, and i don't even know how to order my songs. I love so many of them. I just wanted to post something on her and give my opinion that I think she is a great singer. Her voice control is amazing. If you get a chance, please listen to that song. It is a great inspiration....believe me. In fact, when I listened I thought It would be awesome to hear Garth sing this song (with a few minor changed of course, like changing the word "girl" to "man" in the song). Talk to everyone later.. :)<P>Tyger (Chris)N

12-28-1999, 05:30 AM
Tyger,<BR> The song Reflection is from the movie Molan<BR>and your right it is a very good song.<BR> <BR>SheilaN

12-30-1999, 10:24 AM
She's from Pittsburgh, Pa. Which is only about 45 mins. from me. <P>AmyN

01-05-2000, 11:22 AM
see this is why we need a forum for pop/rock artists! ;)...we have no other forum to talk about other music besides country :(<P>aRiN

01-07-2000, 02:25 PM
I just bought her CD the other day, and this is one of my favorites. Actually the whole CD is great! Her music is not as bubble-gummy sounding as Backstreet Boys, N'sync, and Britney Spears in my opinion. Oh, and by the way she is SO FINE!!! :) :) :)N

01-09-2000, 05:01 PM
I don't think that Backstreet is bubble-gummy.<BR>What about that guitar in "Larger Than Life"<P>And their harmony is VERY profesional.<P>I don't have Christina's album, but I do like her music.<P>I like "What a Girl Wants" better than "Genie in the Bottle."<BR>What about that New Years Eve performance on MTV, huh?<BR>That was GREAT.<BR>I loved her hair.<BR>I love her tummy.<P>But as long as we're talking about the Backstreet Boys..................<P>NO JUST KIDDING<P>but we do need a forum for other artists than COUNTRY (even though I love country)<BR>N

01-09-2000, 08:54 PM
I'll pick Britney over Christina ANY day :D :D<P>Because...<P><BR>She is way better looking :)<P><BR>She is selling more albums :D<P><BR>More albums = More money ;)<P><BR>She is more like you and me when off stage :)<P><BR>You can't say that about Christina :(<P><BR>At the bottomline.....<P><BR>I really don't care for any of them :o<P><BR>They can't sing<P><BR>Their music is boring<P><BR>It sucks<P><BR>But that's just my opinion :)<P><BR>BrianN