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12-19-1999, 11:13 AM
Hey ppl, anyone ever seen Paul Brandt in concert? For those who have never heard of him :( he is one of Canada's best and most popular country artist. He's won lots of awards and is pretty big in the US too. :) Anyway, in my little home town, on an island yet, he is coming to play on his That's The Truth Tour,(That's The Truth is newest cd). I'm pretty excited. This will be my first country concert not Garth. I did see Lisa Brokop at our local fair this past summer, but with kids and sitting at the back...didn't add to the experience. lol.<BR>So anyone seen him before? I guess this would be directed to my fellow Canucks. :)<P><BR>Merry Christmas,<BR>Ellie :)N

12-19-1999, 01:15 PM
I saw Paul in concert back in '95. It was at a festival concert in a football field. We were about a million miles away. There were 12 acts there that day but I can still see Paul singing "My Heart Has a History" and telling the story of Amylee before singin "I Meant To Do That". I got to a lot of concerts, so for these memories to stay with me must mean a lot. I would love to see Paul again but he doesn't come to New England too often. N

12-19-1999, 04:15 PM
I've never seen him either, but he's coming here also in the Spring.<P>He's touring across Canada with the Wilkinson's. Hopefully I'll get to go see them.<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

12-20-1999, 03:58 PM
Hey, Anonymous, I think I was at that same concert (Foxboro Stadium?) except it was in 1996. :) That was the second time I saw Paul Brandt...the first time was at Fan Fair earlier that year shortly after My Heart Has a History was released. I haven't seen him in concert recently but did see him this past September when he had his hand and footprints put in cement in front of the Music Valley Wax Museum.<P>PaulaN

12-21-1999, 07:33 AM
Hey Ellie!<P>I have never seen paul in concert. :(<BR>I tried to earlier in the year when he came to Saskatoon. My friend got us tickets but I had to back out. <P>you know what she said about the concert? "It was ok, but the Reba concert was way better." <BR>NO WAY!! I think she has some sort of disease. I love Reba but who would not want to see Paul! :o <P>He's coming to P.A. on new years eve. It is sold out! :D <BR>But I ain't going. :( <P>ErinN

12-21-1999, 11:30 AM
Paula, there was a big concert there in 96 as well, but that was when Tim and Faith were the headliners. I know Paul was there in 95 because it was the first concert I went to in Foxboro and it was a month after I graduated from High School. There were so many artists at both of those concerts that it's hard to keep them straight. That was the year that everyone in the stands sang "Friends in Low Places" while they set up for Clay Walker. And during the 96 concert everyone knew that there was going to be some big concert announcement and we were all hoping it would be a garth concert and it was. That year they didn't play any good songs during the down time. Just thought I'd let you know. By the way, I miss those big festivals--they were so much better than the great woods shows. N

12-21-1999, 03:03 PM
<B>Anonymous,</B><P>I agree...those all day concerts at Foxboro Stadium were much better than the ones they have at Great Woods/Tweeter Center. Anyway, I was pretty sure that Paul wasn't there in '95 because his first CD didn't come out until '96 and the t-shirt I have from that concert that listed all the artists didn't have his name on it, but maybe he was an unannounced artist.<P>Did you go to the Garth concert in Portland, Maine in August of 1996? I went to the Saturday show.<P>PaulaN

12-22-1999, 09:54 AM
I saw that about his CD coming out in 96 and wondered if I got it mumbled in my head, which I probably did. But I always associated Paul with my first big festival concert. Don't know why. Also, Shane McAnally was at their festival this year and his CD won't be out till next summer. I don't know why I associate Paul with the first year. I guess it was because the second year they seemed to be really stretching for opening acts and I thought there were a lot more no names than the year before. I never saw Paul as a no name.<P>I did see Garth in Portland. I saw him on the 29th, can't remember what day of the week that was. My sister and I were blessed with Garth angles who were 3 back in line and got us tenth row seats. First Garth concert we'd ever been to and we had no idea what to expect. It couldn't have been better. N

12-26-1999, 10:09 AM
I am so jealous :o :o I love his music!!! But unfortunately for me, he just doesn't come here on tour :( :( But I hope you have fun at the concert. If you want to know anything more about his tour, just go here (the people are very nice):<P> <A HREF="http://duke.usask.ca/~nobeljos/brandt/brandt.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://duke.usask.ca/~nobeljos/brandt/brandt.htm</A> N