View Full Version : Lonestar's 'amazed' on pop station.....sort of....

12-14-1999, 07:00 AM
I heard 'Amazed' by Lonestar on my pop station last evening. But it didn't sound country at all...........it was synthed up, the lead vocals were 'country-free'....it could've been 'In-synch' doing the song! But no, it was Lonestar. I like the country version much better....the music and vocals on it sound more heartfelt and less commercial. <P>Has anyone else heard the pop version, and what did you think of it?<P>lisaN

12-14-1999, 09:58 AM
I heard the pop version and didn't like it at all. I don't need all those background vocals--it's crazy. I don't know why they did that the song probably could have made it on the pop charts with no changes being made the song was never that country.N

t.m. fan
12-17-1999, 10:09 AM
Two years ago, Lonestar was one of the last groups I thought would go pop. I guess with Shania and LeAnn and Faith selling 4, 6, 16 million records, the potential is just too tempting for Lonestar and their record label. The pop versions sounds much more hollow than the original. Not a good representation of what made the song spend 8 weeks at #1. With so many female artists going pop, the last thing we need is some of our best male artsists crossing over. There goes the Nashville neighborhood.N

Lowell Miller
12-17-1999, 12:22 PM
I heard the song also. I thought is that Lonestar? It is missing something that the original had. It's still good, just not as good. Did anyone see LeeAnn Rimes on Leno? What's up with that? For a sec. I thought it was a bad version of Britney Spears. LeeAnn does sing her own songs live though. But come on, already with the dancing...you have a great voice. Just sing. N