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12-03-1999, 12:08 PM
Hi all!<BR> <BR>Garth will ALWAYS be number one for me, :) but Hal Ketchum and Collin Raye are very close seconds. Hubby and I were fortunate enought to win tickets to a very intimate concert by Hal about a eyar ago and it blew me away!! Now, I couln't stop thinking "I wish this was Garth!!" :) but then I started really listening and he sings with his whole self the way garth and Collin Raye do. There were only a couple hundred -probably less- people there so we were very close - maybe 40 feet away from him the whole concert. It was so awesome and he brought his new wife out on stage and sang a song for her - way cool!! <P>I read the posts about Collin Raye but haven't seen any about Hal - he's another who really got burned by his 'non-traditional' approach to country! He has an awesome voice and ability to write fabulous songs that get to the heart of the matter. Sure wish we'd see a lot more of him!!<P>So - any other Hal fans out there??<P>TheresaN

12-03-1999, 05:13 PM
I like Hal Ketchum as well, although I don't have all of his CD's. I have seen him once in concert. By the way, I just read at countrycool.com that he and his wife are adopting a baby girl from Bulgaria.<P>PaulaN

12-03-1999, 06:39 PM
I like Hal Ketchum too. the only cd I have of his is Past The Point of Rescue though. It is an awesome cd!!<P>LoriN

12-03-1999, 06:57 PM
Yep - becoming a daddy again - so sweet :)- 1st one with his new wife tho - his other 2 are about all grown I believe. <P>And you absolutely have to get one of his two latest cd's - very different but totally awesome sound!! And yet very similar - funny how that is!!N

12-05-1999, 12:41 PM
I like Hal Ketchum alot. I've seen him live once here at a local fair. Very good show.<P>Lovin' Garth Always & All Ways...<BR>RAYLEENN