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11-22-1999, 08:59 PM
Hey all! <BR>I don't know if there are any Collin Raye fans on PG, except maybe me :)<BR>Yes Yes I still love Garth! But Collin Raye is also a great artist. Like Garth, he is a very socially concious person, as well as a wonderful singer/performer.<P>While I don't usually get to attend many concerts (only weekend ones),I was fortunate enough to attend Collin Raye's concert, here in Columbus, this past Saturday night. He was, to say the least,fantastic! The act that opened for him was great too! They are a female duo called Redmon and Vale, and I have a feeling that you'll be hearing them a lot on the airwaves soon 'cause they have beautiful voices! They had an autogragh signing right after they performed, so my friend and I got to meet them. They were very nice, and took photos with us as well as giving us their autographs. To let you know how nice a guy Collin Raye is, he would not start his concert until, Redmon and Vale finished signing autographs for all who wanted them. :)<P>When Mr. Raye came on, he just about covered his whole musical career! :) Besides singing many of the songs from his newest album ("The Walls Came Down"), he also performed two great hit packed medlies. He included everything from the up-beat fun tune "I think about you" to a boot scootin, hoot and hollar, rendition of "Little Red Rodeo". He jokingly admitted that that tune took a lot <BR>out of him! His band is phenominal too!<P>From his new album he sang the awesome ballad, "I can still feel you", the very moving "What if Jesus came back like that",and the thought provoking song "The eleventh commandment" which deals with child abuse. This song is disturbing, but Collin's words are ones that will shake all who hear them. As Mr. Raye explained before singing the song,he is a great advocate of children's rights and is the embassador of an anti-child abuse campaign. Needless to say, the audience was stark still during the performance of this song, with all eyes focused on the man and his message. And I know, my cheeks were not the only ones with tears running down them by the time he had finished. Mr. Raye has an awesome (Tenor)voice, and like Garth, sings with heartfelt emotion! <P>He sang for at least 70 minutes and then came back for a three song encore which included a great rendition of Rod Stewart's "Hot legs", and my all time favorite Collin Raye tune, "Love me". The security guys were great! They let people come up right to the edge of the stage to take photos. I got some excellent shots! Also, during the encore fans were aloud to climb a short staircase leading up to the stage so Mr. Raye could shake hands with people and receive gifts they had brought for him. I got to shake his hand, it was cool! He skeedaddled right after the concert, so I didn't get an autograph :(. Oh well, maybe next time ;)<P>Now that I've seen Collin Raye, maybe my next concert foray will be to go see our beloved Garth ;) Sure hope so!!<P>Sorry this was so long, but thanks for letting me share!<P>CCN

11-22-1999, 09:10 PM
Very cool CC :D :D<BR>I would love to see him in concert too :D<P>BrianN

11-22-1999, 10:48 PM
<B>CC</B>,<P>Oh man, I know Collin Raye's stuff just as much as Garth's :o Do you know why? Hahhaha.. cuz my twin bro is a huge "Collinator"!! Yeah, that's name they called themselves for ;) <P>I think Collin is a great singer and a great live performer too. I saw him performed at Evergreen (something... can't remember) on Sept. 2nd. Although it was a free concert, the atmospher was great ;) <P>The songs that I like are "The 11th Comamdement", "What if Jesus Comes Back like that", "I think about You", and "That's my Story".<P>TommyN

11-23-1999, 04:18 AM
Hey Brian and Tommy!<P>Glad you liked the review. I forgot to mention that the place the concert was held at is also excellent. It was at a mid-size old time theater house called the Ohio Theater. This place only seats a few thousand people so the concert seemed very intimate. There is not a bad seat in the place and the acoustics are terriffic!<P>Brian - I still wish I could have seen "The Boss" too :( Unfortunately his concert was on a week day and I don't like to go out week days, 'cause I like to help kids with homework and stuff. Hopefully next time, he will come on a weekend :) Also, I hope you get to see collin Raye in concert sometime. <P>Tommy - I got to talk to your bro via Yankee the other night. I was on IM talking to Yankee about the concert and she immediately notified your bro through ICQ! She relayed questions from him to me. It was a lot of fun! <P>If you guys don't have his newest CD, you should check it out. It's terriffic!<P>CCN

11-23-1999, 11:25 AM
I haven't heard that many songs with him :o and I can't remember most of the songs either :o<BR>But there is one song I really LOVE <B>Sloop John B</B> where he teamed up with The Beach boys :D :D<BR>That song really kicks a**<P>brianN

11-23-1999, 04:51 PM
That is a good tune Brian! "Hoist up the John B sails! See how the main sails flow".....I wonna go home! Just let me go home! I feel so broke up, I wonna go home!" : )<P>CCN

11-23-1999, 05:45 PM
Sounds like you had a great time. I love his music too! Did he sing "Anyone Else?" That's a great song. He was supposed to be coming to Ontario but I haven't heard anymore about it. Whenever it is I'll be there. <BR>I feel that he's one country artist that doesn't get enough recognition for his work that's for sure. <BR>-Susan- N

11-23-1999, 06:15 PM
Susan,<P>I agree, he is under-recognized!But,in a way, I think he actually likes it that way 'cause he is a very private person. It is easy to tell he loves performing and his fans, but I think he likes to keep that life and his private (home) life very seperate. I don't think he does a lot of interviews, and he only meets with fans for autographs and pics, by pre-arrangement (as much as possible), like for radio contest winners etc.<BR>I hope he tours in Canada soon! You'll have a great time!<P>You hear that Tommy! Collin may be comin' up there, so you better tell your bro ;)N

11-24-1999, 10:44 AM
He does seem like a very private person, but what I meant when I said he isn't recognized enough is in the way of awards. He always gets beat out by someone else, needless to say he's always up against some pretty stiff competition. Anyway, his fans love him and that's what counts! :)<BR>-Susan-N