View Full Version : BROOKS AND DUNN??????

11-21-1999, 02:08 PM
I was just wondering what you thought about their new C.D. "Tight Rope?" I've really liked their work in the past and I went out and bought this C.D. thinking I'd love it instantly like I have with all the others but I'll tell you this one has to grow on me. That's not usually the case, but they've got Kix singing almost half of the songs on the C.D. and I'm not real crazy about his voice. He's a good back-up singer for Ronnie but when it's the other way around it's not so great. :(<BR>Just wanted to know how you feel about it?<BR>-Susan-N

11-21-1999, 03:14 PM
The selling for their new CD isn't doing so great. Maybe they need some new material to maintain their sellings or at least not worsen. I think the first single released from the new CD "I ain't missing you" is pretty good. But the song did POORLY on the chart :o I would never have expected that since their last CD has a couple great hits.<P>TommyN

11-21-1999, 09:06 PM
I would NEVER EVER buy any of their CD's :D<P>BrianN

11-22-1999, 04:53 PM
Why Pilgrim??? <P>Just curious.....N

11-22-1999, 08:42 PM
I think they are WAY too overrated :( :(<BR>They want so much to play music like Travis Tritt, and then they are so bad musicians :(<BR>Their music is so confusing and a long way from being good :(<BR>I'm sure that if you took their first CD, and put it in the cover of their fourth, you wouldn't recognize the difference :o<BR>They are simply making soup on the same nail, over and over again :(<BR>And it doesn't help either that they look like Chuck Norris and Saddam Hussein ;)LOL<BR>They are definitely the worst country artists out there today :(<P>Brian :)N

11-23-1999, 06:23 AM
Brian,<P>I agree ! I can't tell the difference in their songs, they all sound the same. All I can say about Brooks and Dunn is ICKY.<P>LoriN

11-23-1999, 05:25 PM
Well, I have to disagree with you Brian and Lori. I have all their C.D's and I don't really think they all sound the same. Ronnie Dunn has a pretty unique voice so maybe that's what throwing you off. I went to see them when they were touring with Reba and they put on a great show. :)<BR>Anyway I wouldn't say they're ICKY but I guess we all have our own opinions. :)<BR>-Susan-N

t.m. fan
11-24-1999, 01:32 PM
Well, I'm not too crazy about their new songs, "Beer Thirty" and "Missing You", but I know Ronnie has got one hell of a voice and they are one cool duo. But they don't have a lot of diversity in their song topics. It's mostly the tear in your beer type. They sure don't have very many love ballads, I'll tell you that much, but I still like them.N