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11-17-1999, 02:23 PM
As you all can probably tell, I'm a huge Reba fan, and I just wanted to let all of you know what's going on with her for the next couple of days!<P>*Tonight: Westwood One Presents the premeire of Reba's new album, So Good Together. Check your local radio station to see if they are going to carry the program.<P>*November 22: Reba will be on Regis & Kathie Lee<P>*TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23: Reba's new album, So Good Together will be released in the U.S. GO BUY IT!!! I've heard clips of this album...it's truly her best yet-no exaggeration! <P>Also, that night, Reba will be featured on A&E's Biography. Right after the Biography, she will perform on A&E's Live By Request.<P>*THANKSGIVING: Reba will perform the National Anthem at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game.<P>That night, Reba's new made-for-television movie, Secret of Giving, will air on CBS.<P>That's all for now! Thanks for your time!N

11-18-1999, 12:59 PM
Thanks for all the info :) I did get most of it off the RebaNet newsletter, but they didn't list Regis & Kathie Lee. I was so mad, I knew she was gonna be on Leno the other night and I forgot to hit the Power button on the VCR :( Hey, do you know what the date is she will be on Rosie??N

11-18-1999, 01:57 PM
Thanks for the info. I had everything except the Regis & Kathy Lee date already on my calander.<P>I just hope her biography & live by request is not on at the same time the "Behind The Life Of Chris Gaines" is on. As much as I love Reba, I will watch the Chris Caines specail first. <P>Do you know if A & E repeat their shows like VH-1 does? <P>Lovin'Garth & Reba Always & All Ways...<BR>RAYLEENN

11-18-1999, 06:43 PM
CRAP!! I didnt know about the premier! :( Anyway, can't wait to get the CD. It will be a CD buying day for me: her new CD, Garth's Christmas CD, and Shania Twain's international version of Come On Over will come out that day! :) Cool! :)N

11-20-1999, 06:02 PM
Thanks for the info!! :) <P>Love Reba...I'll put that new CD on my Christmas list! <P>N

11-26-1999, 01:37 PM
That was supposed to be Chris Gaines, :o<BR>Not Chris Caines!<P>Lovin' GB & CG Always & All Ways...<BR>RAYLEENN