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Chris Gaines
11-10-1999, 01:51 PM
This is wierd.. but I though maybe some of you (Maybe t.m. fan) would know the answer to this question.<P>Please don't condem me for asking.. but i was in a little "discussion" at work today with one of my customers... after talking about Garth and Sandy.. and how the Tabloids have said that they was breaking up.. for what? 6-8 years now? and they are still rock solid.. etc etc...<P>Well the Customer said that Tim and Faith are getting a little on the "rocky" side too... anyone have any insight to this? (<I>other then agruing about it</I>)<P>I really ain't one to "Spread rumors" or even start them.. but I just think Tim and Faith are one perfect couple :)<P>JasonN

11-10-1999, 02:47 PM
ROFL!!! (Sorry, this isn't meant as an insult to you). Guess where that came from - The Star!!! It is their "big headline" this week! So, we can guess how reliable that news is! Read the interview with Faith in CW this week...they are happier than ever! :D <BR>N

Chris Gaines
11-10-1999, 03:19 PM
BigG.. sorry i don't even LOOK at the stupid taboids anymore.. :)<P>Thanks for telling me where that REALLY came from :) :)<P>JasonN

11-10-1999, 03:30 PM
<B>Jason</B>,<P>Yeah, the news is from tabliod.. so ignore it ;)<P>TommyN

t.m. fan
11-10-1999, 05:16 PM
Someone made an interesting post on another board that stated how Country Weekly (or some country magazine) interviewed Faith and/or Tim and they said how great their marriage was going and how much fun they were having and yet Star (coincidentally owned by the same country magazine) said that their marriage was becoming rocky! I don't know a better way to get someone to read your paper than to post something like that!N

11-13-1999, 02:45 PM
Tim was recently quoted as saying in response to the recent tabloid that they usually laugh at the tabloids. But they worry that someday their children will read them/hear about them and I guess wonder if everything was ever true.<P>AmyN