View Full Version : Tim and Faith tour

10-16-1999, 02:17 AM
It's official! They will be touring together next year! That's going to be awesome! Also, her new cd will be released November 9th.<P><BR>AmyN

10-16-1999, 07:00 AM
That will definitely be a concert worth seeing! :) <P>Thanks for the info! :)<P>JulieN

10-16-1999, 01:51 PM
AAARRRRRGGGGHH A new CD!!!! :o<P>She is one of the artist I MUST have every album with :D :D<P>I'm literally goin' to be broke :o<P>Thatks for the info Amy :)<P>BrianN

10-16-1999, 01:52 PM
<B>THANKS</B> for the info Amy ;)<P>BrianN

t.m. fan
10-16-1999, 02:35 PM
That'll be so cool!!! I hope they come to Sacramento or the Bay Area! :) I wish I could see their New Year's Eve show! I'm sure that's gonna be one awesome conert!N

10-17-1999, 07:04 PM
Great,,, that is one concert I would love to see! <P>Thanks for telling us!! :) N

10-18-1999, 02:59 PM
WOOOHOOO!!! :D :D That will be one heck of a show! They better come around here, that's all I hafta say! ;)N

10-25-1999, 04:45 PM
Didn't anyone else see the "Spontaneous Combustion Tour" a few years back.It was great...I'm ready for a repeat.N

10-25-1999, 05:35 PM
I did...that was in 1996, wasn't it? Tim was the headliner at a music festival we had.<P>PaulaN

10-26-1999, 03:29 PM
PAULA: I can always count on you to have seen most of the same concerts that I have seen.LOL.I'm so happy to know that their are more people like me out there.Is there a 12 step program for concertholics.I hope not...I'm having too much fun.Some day we need to figure out a way to compare what shows we've seen.You like all types of music also..don't you?Are you going to any New Years Eve shows?I'd LOVE to but I have children and I really should spend it with them..shouldn't I? LOLN

10-26-1999, 04:10 PM
<B>MJ,</B><P>I've only been heavy duty into concerts since 1993 (when Garth came into my life and I discovered I really liked country music). Prior to that I maybe went to 1 or 2 concerts a year, if that. I've been making up for lost time though. :)<P>I pretty much only listen to country music, although I enjoyed the pop and rock of the '50s and '60s (dating myself here) when I was younger.<P>I don't have any New Year's concerts planned and doubt that I will...unless Garth decides to do one. If that ever happens, I will definitely be making a roadtrip!<P>PaulaN

10-29-1999, 12:26 PM
MMmmmmmmm, I would love to see them both on tour. I really like them both.. But one question... Don't you think she dresses him funny? :)N

10-30-1999, 06:11 AM
I think he looks fine all the time :) <P>AmyN

11-02-1999, 04:37 PM
<BR>Guys, go see Faith's website, as they have a picture of Faith's new album cover and you thought she was hot before...OMG look at her now!N

11-03-1999, 03:03 AM
She looks beautiful! Her new album will be out on the 9th.<P>AmyN

11-05-1999, 06:05 AM
YEE-HAW!!!I going to go see them for sure<BR>if they come here to Ohio next year...<BR>That concert's going to be AWSOME!!!<P>Guess what I named my cat Faith...<BR>(After Faith Hill) :D<P>Garth's #1 fan...<BR>Angela ;)N