View Full Version : ITS OFFICIAL?????

10-13-1999, 04:45 PM
Supposedly this guy from another board(so far has always been accurate) says that it is official...Shania has accepted George Straits offer to join his festival next year...they are supposed to play 22 dates instead of 18 and may even go to Canada.I know a lot of people on this board don't particularly like Shania and thinks she's too pop...but George is pretty country and apparently he appreciates her music.Tracy Byrd is supposed to be close to signing on also...now if they get Lonestar..I'm there.Paula and I are usually there anyway...right Paula?N

10-13-1999, 09:19 PM
WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO<BR>That is cool :D :D<BR>Now would they just come to Denmark ;)<P>BrianN

10-14-1999, 04:03 AM
<B>MJ</B>,<P>I'll be there is it's in the New England area. I "heard" that Brooks & Dunn (sorry, Pilgrim, I like them) would also be part of it! I won't believe anything until I hear the "real" official word from the Strait organization, but will go just for George Strait since he doesn't come to this area very often.<P>PaulaN

10-14-1999, 04:28 AM
Hey Paula!<P>I hate Brooks & Dunn nothing less could do it :D but if they came to Denmark I would fer sure attend their concert :)<BR>Just to make sure that country would break through here :)<P>BrianN

10-14-1999, 11:04 AM
It would be nice if the tour came back to New England, I went to the Foxboro show in May and loved it.<P><BR>EdN

10-14-1999, 11:44 AM
<P> AWSOME!!! :) That would be very<BR>COOL :) if all of the would join<BR>the George Strait festival next <BR>year!!! If they do then I'm there<BR>also... :D<P>Lovin Garth 4-life... :o<P>Angela... :)N

10-14-1999, 04:16 PM
Pilgrim...I honestly think that if you ever did get to see Brooks and Dunn in concert that you would become a fan.They put on one really awesome show and they just have that chemistry together that not everyone can achieve(even though I don't hear those rumours of an "affair" here.LOL).Ronnie Dunn is one of the purest singers out there and Kix's rough kind of slightly offkey vocals seem to blend together.O.K. I'll get down off of my soapbox now.N

Teddi Jo
11-05-1999, 02:47 AM
Canada ?!? Whooo Hooo ?!? OK if it takes Shania to get the George Strait festival here, then hey, do what ya gotta do . I'm going if it comes anywhere NEAR here !N

11-05-1999, 04:12 AM
MJ,<P>I agree with you totally! They have great vocal chemistry! I would love to see them in concert, especially with George & Co. ;)<BR>Favorites: "My Maria", "Rock My World (LCG)", "Days of Thunder" :)<P>CC<P>N

11-05-1999, 07:22 AM
Just have to say I saw Brooks and Dunn with Tracy Byrd a few years ago in Nashville it was a brilliant show. I know we can't all like the same thing (except the man - Garth)oh! what a boring world that would be but Brooks and Dunn get my vote great vocals and visuals. N