View Full Version : I have never been crazy about Shania but now,,,,

10-10-1999, 12:24 PM
I most certainly AM NOT...She was just in Birmingham 7 months ago and now she is coming back again, that is not what pisses me off, as if her tickets were not expensive enough last time she was here now they are $60.00 for lower and $45.00 for nose bleed, I think she should be hung for charging that much to see such a lame show. I went and paid $30.00 the last time she was here and all she did the whole show was stand up and shake little kids hands...she is severely overrated, we always have a big concert here in Birmingham in the fall, last year it was Reba/Brooks and Dunn. I am severely dissapointed to hear it is her this year, needless to say I did not buy a ticket...N

10-10-1999, 12:51 PM
That is your choice...I'm sure their are many who will buy her ticket.I thought that her tour was over but I read at ticketmaster that she was going to do a few more shows this year...I hope she comes back to my area..I loved her show...and I'm sure many of the children did also.I hope she accepts George Straits offer and joins his festival next year also.N

10-10-1999, 12:52 PM
$60 is what we have to pay here in Denmark for tics of any kind :)<BR>So I don't have a problem with that :)<P>Hey! You could easily go and see her, if I read your post right you saw B&D/Reba last year, and you survived that :)<P>BrianN

10-10-1999, 06:43 PM
<B>I THINK SHE IS SOOOOO FAKE!</B>....sorry, this was a post against her so i just had to say something :o..........<P>aRiN

10-11-1999, 10:30 AM
Just so you'll know, the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center seats 17,000 people, her tickets went on sale Saturday morning, as of this morning, Monday, there were still 9,000 seats available, sounds like allot of people would have rather seen someone else, huh!!!!!N

t.m. fan
10-11-1999, 01:25 PM
Personally, I am not the hugest Shania fan, I've never made any secret of that. I attended the George Strait festival this year and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen! So I really hope she doesn't tour with Strait and friends. I mean Tim McGraw has been touring with him the last two years and the 1-2 combination of my two favorite country artists was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had. But if Shania tours with George, then it doesn't look good for Tim touring with George, and personally, I'd rather see Tim than Shania any day of the week. And since Tim is for sure touring with Faith next year, they want to both do the Strait tour like they did 2 years ago, so if Shania is on the tour, than that would definately be too much high profile stardom for one show I think. Any ways, that's just my opinion, I'm just kind of bummed since I was hoping to go the Strait tour again next year. Oh well. :(N

10-11-1999, 05:24 PM
t.m. fan...on another board I visit sometimes their is a guy who runs a George Strait page and seems to think that Tim won't be on the bill again next year.Besides Shania George has also asked Tracy Byrd(who is checking his schedule) we may even see Brooks and Dunn,Chely Wright and Lonestar.Asleep at the Wheel is the only confirmed participant(and I suppose George..LOL) Well I had a great time and I'd sit through about anybody to get to George.N

10-15-1999, 05:37 PM
I don't like Shania as a person- I never have, I never will. Her music is okay. But I think she is WAY over-rated and I'm sick of her being SO accepted into Nashville and Garth being snubbed. For example- When she got that 'International' award or some stuff like that....Garth and Reba are the ones who opened doors for the country music industry YEARS b4 Shania was ever around. It jsut makes me mad! :O *L* Can you tell?N

10-15-1999, 06:14 PM
t.m. fan - I heard a rumor that Tim and Faith might possibly tour together, and that's why he won't be on George's tour next time. Have you heard anything?<P>And about Shania Twain - I'm sure most of you know how I feel about her :o I wouldn't pay 2 cents or even walk across the street to see her. The money she charges for tickets is outrageous, too.N

Chris Gaines
10-15-1999, 07:49 PM
hey guys.. please remember...<P>it's not the artist that sets the ticket prices.. it's the organizer. As a person that has tried to get a concert in this area for a Chariety.. it all boils down to everything.. that goes into the ticket prices. From Security to concession workers to staging, insurance costs, cancelation coverage, clean up crew, lighting, sound, rigging, venue rental. Everything is in that cost. So don't just say it's the artist's fault for the high ticket price. <P>I tried to get Sawyer Brown last year.. the book agent wanted $50,000 for Sawyer Brown to be there. (There normal costs). Plus all the other stuff above that had to be paid too.<P>JasonN

10-17-1999, 06:58 PM
Jason, <P>Just a question I thought of after reading your response... I wonder how Garth can keep his prices so low? I always thought the artist is who set the ticket prices...<P>Just curious..let me know. :) <P>MonicaN

t.m. fan
10-18-1999, 02:05 PM
BigGfan4life,<P>Yes, Tim and Faith will be touring together next year, and they wanted to go along with either the Dixie Chicks, who will be headling their first tour next year, or the Strait festival. Since they won't be on the Strait festival next year, maybe they will tour with the Dixie Chicks. I don't mind the Dixie Chicks in concert, but personally, I don't think it would seem right for Tim to open for them, or few other artists besides Faith, George, and Garth. It's a respect thing. The Dixie Chicks have been popular for about 2 years, if that, and Tim has been popular for 6 years (I say popular since both their 1st albums were flops. In case you were wondering, "Wide Open Spaces" wasn't their 1st album.) Tim and Faith have been around for about the same time and George and Garth are arguably the "kings" of country music depending on who you ask. I wouldn't want to see Tim abbreviate his awesome collection of hits into 1 hour, while the Chicks get 2 hours to mix in their handful of hits with a bunch of album cuts off "Fly" which I've never heard. But that's just me, Dixie Chicks would probably love to see them, I just think it would be a little out of sorts being a huge t.m. fan and all. But no matter who they end up touring with, as long as Tim is there, I'll listen to anyone, even Ms. Twain. N