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dossy the aussie
09-26-1999, 12:17 AM
I have heard a few Randy Travis songs lately , and i gotta say that I like what I hear .<BR>I had never heard much of him before . Is he very popular in the states ??<P> dossyN

09-26-1999, 02:23 AM
I don't know about the States :o but they play him often here in Denmark :)<BR>I also think he has made maybe the best lovesong ever "Forever And Ever, Amen" :D<P>BrianN

09-26-1999, 05:49 AM
Randy Travis has certainly enjoyed his time on the spotlight, but the last few years he has taken more of a role in persuing an acting career than making music. <P>Personally, Randy Travis is one of my favorite artists. I wish that we heard more from him here in the US. <P> N

09-26-1999, 09:48 AM
WOOHOO Brian, good choice! I agree with you on that one ;)<P>And yes he is popular here, I happen to be a big fan of his. Mainly his earlier albums, but still a fan.<P>PaulaN

09-26-1999, 12:31 PM
I found the official Randy Travis Website:<P>go to <A HREF="http://www.randy-travis.com" TARGET=_blank>http://www.randy-travis.com</A> <P>Thought you all might want to visit.<P>Moni<BR> :)N

09-26-1999, 01:41 PM
Thanks Monica :)<P>BrianN

09-27-1999, 03:05 PM
I started listening to Randy when he first came out and have seen him in concert several times.(the last time was August 29 at Kentucky State Fair).the first few times he was very stiff and uncomfortable..even though the music was GREAT.About the time he married Liz(his manager) his shows took on a whole new personality.He played to the audience and actually seemed comfortable up on stage.Like Moni said he went into a semi-retirement and made a few movies but is back with a new album(a very good song and video for "A Man Ain't Made Of Stone") At the concert i went to last month the arena was probably only a third full but all who attended experienced a great show.If he heads your way..I'd reccommend it.N

09-28-1999, 01:04 AM
Love him! That voice of his sends shivers up and down my spine, especially when he hits those low notes. Great singer! I loved "Diggin' Up Bones"!<P>abf,<BR>DebbieN