View Full Version : Why are alot of artists disappearing?

09-01-1999, 01:57 PM
Hey<P>Why is it that alot of great artists are starting to disappear. I have their recent albums and their music hasnt suffered a bit, but their disappearing. Guys like Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, David Lee Murphy, Wade Hayes, Bryan White, and many other artists are slowly disappearing. <P>Bryan White just released a new album and it has alot of great music, especially the song "That Good", but I havent heard it mentioned or played on radio, and if it wasnt for seeing him live, i wouldnt of known about it. <BR>He's one of the best artists out there, and has alot of great music, but since his second album, radio has ignored him.<P>Travis Tritts album "looking over my shoulder" was completely ignored. The first song did ok, but it wasnt spectacular. Thats no reason for him to completely disappear.<P>Tracy Lawrence put out a greatest hits album in 97, but nothing since.<P>Same with younger guys like Paul Brandt, and Gary Allan. Gary had a great second album, but since "it would be you", nothing came out. I didnt even know Paul Brandt had a new album out either. I loved his first two, and the song "outside the frame" was one of the best songs i heard all year, BYE ANYONE, but radio ignored it.<P>Also, is it me, or are alot of artists releasing the wrong songs, or not releasing their best ones. Garth missed out big by not releasing "Uptown Downhome" and "When theres no one around". George Strait missed big with his last album, by not releasing "Why Not Now", "Neon Row", or "You Havent Left Me Yet".<P>I could go on forever about this, but i had to lash out a bit.<P>ScottN

09-01-1999, 03:01 PM
<B>Scott</B>,<P>I totally agree with you. Paul Brandt is one of the great artists who has disappeared in the States. However, here in Canada, he is HOT! There are lots of promotions and videos being played in Canada CMT. I think his latest single "That's the truth" is AWESOME!! Also, I bought "Outside the Frame" last year and it's GREAT!! I like "Yeah" the best. <P>As far as other artists, I don't really know their stuff because of less radio promotions. I have heard a couple Travis Tritt songs, and they are good. But as for Gary Alen, OH BOY, I have never heard his songs ever!! I wonder where he is now...LOL Brian White is doing fine, but still, he doesn't have much radio promotion as well. <P>And you are also right about releasing the wrong singles. For instance, Garth should have released "COWBOY CADILLAC"!! :D It would be a great radio hit. <P>TommyN

09-01-1999, 03:11 PM
Hey Tommy<P>You'd probably like Gary Allan. His song "From Where Im Sitting" was written by GARTH. Its great. <P>You'd also love Travis Tritt. He's one of the few singers who has as much intensity in his vocals, as Garth does. <P>ScottN

09-01-1999, 03:15 PM
I'm a memeber of "the country club" Travis Tritts fanclub and just wanted to say that he has taken a little time off to be with his family(wife Teresa,daughter Tyler and newborn son Tristan).He is also looking for a new record label after parting with his.I think that the song "If I Lost You" did pretty good and I loved "No More Looking Over My Shoulder".He's always been a little underated because he doesn't want to play the industry games..somewhat the outlaw.<P>Gary Allen has a new song out that is moving up the charts"Smoke Rings In The Dark".<P>I think David Lee Murphy lost his record deal also.He's really great in concert.Hope he makes some new music soon.<P>I didn't think Bryans album was being released until September.His song "Your Still Beautiful To Me" is also doing pretty good in my area.<P>There are just so many slots to get airplay and they are pretty full with Faith,Tim,JoDee,Lonestar,Etc..A lot of good artists are being left behind.N