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08-23-1999, 10:59 AM
Can someone please post the words to the song, "Little Goodbies". The Shadasies (sp?) sing it.<P>Thanks in advance!!<P>JenN

08-24-1999, 12:28 PM
Hmm, is it this one you are thinking of? :)<P>try this link too <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Stage/5969/lyrics.html" TARGET=_blank>http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Stage/5969/lyrics.html</A> <P>Little Good-Byes<BR>Written by Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere, and Kenny Greenberg <P><BR>I'm gonna tell you something you don't wanna hear<BR>You never listen when I talk<BR>Maybe you'll listen when I walk<BR>So I made my mind up and made a sandwich<BR>And I didn't shed a tear<BR>I gave you one last minute of my time<BR>In this mess I left behind<BR>When you come home tonite<BR>And turn on the light<BR>Don't you be surprised to find<BR>My Little Good-byes<BR>Empty hangers by the closet door<BR>Lipstick tube on the bathroom floor<BR>Unpaid bills by the kitchen phone<BR>I took the Beatles, left Billy Joel<BR>My Little Good-byes<BR>I'm sure you're sure I'll be back in just an hour or two<BR>You'll tape a Hallmark to my door<BR>They always said it better than you<BR>And if ya wondering when you're gonna hear from me<BR>Well take a real good look around boy<BR>And it won't be hard to see<BR>When you come home tonite <BR>And turn on the light<BR>Don't you be surprised to find<BR>My Little Good-byes<BR>Took your favorite Dodgers hat<BR>Left the litter, but I took the cat<BR>Loaded up the TV in the back of my car<BR>Have fun watching the VCR<BR>My Little Good-byes<BR>So cry to your mama and your sympathetic friends<BR>And tell em, tell them how the story ends<BR>Took the hourglass left the sand<BR>Now you got time on your hands<BR>Took the statue from Japan <BR>Funny little Buddah man<BR>Change my voice on the machine<BR>Or there'll be little goodbyes with every ring<BR>Left the pictures and took the frames<BR>I've got the umbrella, here comes the ra-in, yeah yeah yeah<BR>Ra-in, yeah yeah yeah<BR>He-ey, yeah yeah yeah<BR>He-ey, yeah yeah yeah<BR>Little Good-Byes<P>Brian :D<P>N

08-26-1999, 01:22 AM
Thats what I needed. Thanks again!!<P>JenN