View Full Version : I was late getting the Kenny Chesney CD but I got it at last

Teddi Jo
08-05-1999, 02:51 PM
and I LOVE it ! I really liked the song "How Forever Feels" and had looked for the Cd in the stores here - found some of the older cd's but not "Everywhere We Go".<P>Went down to the States last week and we stopped in @ K-Mart in NY state. There it was. So I dipped into my American $$$ we had exchanged for "fun money" and bought it. <P>Well I played "How Forever Feels" about 10 for the remainder of our trip down to Lake George, NY and I still love it.<P>My favorite songs are "How Forever Feels" , "Baptism" and "You Had Me From Hello".N

08-05-1999, 05:48 PM
Congratulations on making such a great purchase! Kenny's CD is amazing! I got it the day it came out and I'm still listening to it. I love every song, but I really like "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". I found out at his fan club party that it will be his next single. I can't wait to hear it on the radio. Enjoy your CD!N

08-05-1999, 08:51 PM
Palle also have the CD, and from what I have heard it's really great :D<BR>I love the song "How Forever Feels"<P>They also play that song on the radio :)<P>BrianN