View Full Version : READY TO RUN!!

07-29-1999, 03:58 PM
Did anyone catch the delivery room on CMT last night?They showed The Dixie Chicks new video from the movie "The Runaway Bride".I really enjoyed it and I love the song too.Hope to see the movie soon.Richard Gere woo-hoo.N

07-29-1999, 04:01 PM
MJ,<P>I saw it too! It was great and also very funny. Love the tennis shoes! I like the song and can't wait to see the movie! <P>Richard Gere is one of those men who I would love to tuck his shirt in!! <P>Monica<BR>Keep Smiling...It makes people wonder what your up to! N

07-29-1999, 04:28 PM
I saw the video last night, too! I enjoyed it also! I would like to go see the movie, too!<P>Julie<P>P.S. Monica, I agree about Richard Gere. I have liked him since An Officer and a Gentleman. Very nice! :)N

07-29-1999, 04:49 PM
Julie: I'm glad you mentioned that movie.I work in a hot sweaty factory and have for 15 years.Everyday I keep waiting for Richard to carry me out of that place,but he never comes.*pouting* But I'll never give up.LOL.N