07-23-1999, 05:28 AM
Well, last night I had the honor of seeing Reba in concert at the Warwick Musical Theatre, aka. "The Tent". A small venue in my hometown, about ten minutes from my house. Just so you get an idea, the stage is in the round. Reba's band was around the stage but not on it. Man I'm telling you what a show. For thos who have seen Reba's arena show, you don't what you're missing. Her voice was excellent and get this, only changed outfits when she came back for the encore. This is the last season for this great venue, which has seen the likes of Bob Hope, Samy Davis Jr., and many more through the years. Last night was the best show I've seen there, even better than a Vince Gill 3 hour acoustic marathon where he took requests from the audience for the last hour and a half. Reba was absolutely in her element, and you could tell she was having a good time with the small setting. A young fan even got to go on stage and take picutes of the band from the stage and get his picture taken with Reba during a song. "Very cool". Well, I'm in work so I gotta be a little productive, but i have a good excuse, I turned 21 yesterday(I didn't go drinking, but the boss doesn't need to know that). An extra special bonus was that one of my favoriet local comedian, Charlie Hall, who makes fun of everythng here in our crooked little state, opened the show. If anyone here was there you'll know what I mean about Dunkin Donuts closing early. I'm still an awe of this show, what can I say it was absolutely wonderful.<P>Ed<BR>N

07-23-1999, 07:06 AM
Glad that you had a good time, Garthaholic!<BR>My mother and I are going to try to see her next month when she comes to the Indiana State Fair. I say "try to", because we haven't gotten tickets yet...<BR>Oh well, if we can't get in, we'll just sit outside and listen.<P>And <B>Happy 21st Birthday!</B><BR>HazelN

07-23-1999, 09:30 AM
Happy 21st :D :D<BR>Hmmm I guess I'm jealous at you guys because you can see every artist on tour and I can't :( :(<P>BrianN

07-23-1999, 11:51 AM
HAPPY 21ST BDAY :D :) <BR>I'm glad you got too see her and enjoyed the show :) Guess what? When I see her in September, it will be my 13th Reba show! Hmm..I guess you can say I like her ;) She has really toned down her show in the last few years though. In '94/'95, she did awesome shows with 16 costume changes! And she came onto the stage in a taxi and also had the flying stage for when she sang "Fancy" at the end. Hey, one question...did she still have her back-up dancers? :)N

07-23-1999, 01:44 PM
13, thirteen <B>THIRTEEN</B> Reba shows, I'm in shock :o :o<BR>I have only seen<P>Trisha Yearwood 1 time<BR>Garth Brooks 1 time<BR>Marty Stuart 1 time<BR>The Mavericks 1 time<P>Thats all I have seen of the "New Country" artists :(<BR>MAN!! I hate this country :(<P>Brian<BR>N

07-23-1999, 03:08 PM
<B>HAPPY B'DAY Gartholic</B><P>A day late!!!!!<P>TOMN

07-23-1999, 06:15 PM
<B>Garthaholic</B>,<P>I really enjoyed the show as well. Her a capella version of Sweet Dreams was awesome! I liked seeing her in the bareboned stage setting for once, since all the other shows I've seen of hers have been big stage productions with the credits rolling at the end (I always felt I was watching a TV special). This time she introduced the members of her band which I thought was very cool.<P>I also enjoyed Charlie Hall...that was the first time I had seen him. I missed some of the jokes with local connections but thought he was very good...loved the flash cards picturing the names of bands.<P><B>BigGfan4life</B>, there were no backup dancers...this was a simple stage setting with no big production.<P>PaulaN

07-26-1999, 05:47 PM
Glad you enjoyed the show.<P>BTW: Brits, Reba will be at the Kentucky State Fair also(its on Saturday night after Indiana Fair).Hope you can still get tickets to one of the shows.I'm going to all the country concerts EXCEPT Reba's.I'll be seeing Brooks & Dunn/Trace Adkins/Brad Paisley....Clay Walker/Deanna Carter...Randy Travis/Teri Clark.I've seen reba the past two years so I guess I'll sit hers out this year.N