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t.m. fan
07-16-1999, 10:57 PM
The first survey I did was to find out what ya'll thought the best love song of the modern era was (last 18 years). For this survey, it will be the greatest breakup song. Afterall, that is what country music is kown for, mostly. Once again, there have been so many, and each artist has plenty of good ones, some more than others, so I know I can't list 'em all. But here goes the nominees:<P>1. Brooks & Dunn: "Neon Moon"<BR>2. Alan Jackson: "Don't Rock The Jukebox"<BR>3. George Strait: "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind"<BR>4. Tim McGraw: "Please Remember Me"<BR>5. The last nominee is pretty difficult. I could go ahead and ruin the whole survey and say Garth Brooks: "The Dance". But that song is just as much about life as it is a breakup, and to title it as just a breakup song wouldn't give it it's due justice. So I'll go ahead with:<BR>5. Garth Brooks: "What She's Doing Now"<BR>And of course,<P>6. other<P>Well, there they are. And remember, I just started listening to country a little over a year ago, so I'm doing the best I can to re-capture the recent history of country music and sum it up into 5 nominees.N

07-16-1999, 11:45 PM
My vote would be: Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your MindN

07-17-1999, 04:56 AM
hmmmm....tough question! Can I say "tie"?<P>4. Please Remember Me<P>--or--<P>6. other -- Every Now And ThenN

07-17-1999, 09:52 AM
Hmmm t.m. fan, This is VERY difficult for a Dane to explain :o :o :o<BR>If you suppose <B>Tell Me I Was Dreaming</B> is a breakup song, then this is it :)<P>On the other hand it must be <B>Please Remember Me</B>, hmmmmm it's really tough, there are so many that <B>I</B> would consider a breakup song, that I can't choose a single one :o<BR>It's like saying <I>"Hey, Brian.... You have to choose a single Ferrari for yourself, of all the roadcars they have ever manufactured <B>but ONLY one</B>"</I><P>BrianN

07-18-1999, 06:04 AM
Hey, A fun break up song would have to be "Two Pina Coladas" and a more serious one would have to "I Might Get Over You" by Kenny Chesney. N

07-18-1999, 07:07 AM
I forgot "I Might Get Over You"N

07-19-1999, 05:20 PM
My favorite break-up song would have to be "Here's A Quarter(Call Someone Who Cares)"N

t.m. fan
07-19-1999, 11:03 PM
That's a good one, MJ, I forgot about Travis Tritt. I think that song would deffinately have to rank pretty high up there.N

07-20-1999, 09:34 AM
I need to add some more favorites. I realized that the chicks were left out of this one. How about "Tonight the Heartache's On Me" or "Fool I'm a woman" from Sara Evans and, of course, "Lesson in Leavin'" from Jo Dee Messina. My favorites are still the ones listed above, but these round out the list.N

07-21-1999, 05:11 PM
How about "She Used To Be Mine" by Brooks and Dunn.Killer song.N

07-22-1999, 01:56 AM
<B>What she's doing now</B> :D<P>and<P><B>Not Counting You</B> :)<P>TommyN

t.m. fan
07-22-1999, 12:23 PM
You really can't mention break-up songs without mentioning Brooks & Dunn. It seems to be their specialty. From "Neon Moon" to "That Ain't No Way To Go" to "How Long Gone" and everything inbetween. My favorite Brooks & Dunn break-up song would have to be "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone". It's such a pretty song, and the mood is great. As far as what I think is the greatest break-up song, that is a lot more difficult than deciding the greatest love song to me. I mean if you're in love, practically any love song seems to fit, but break-ups are so complex and varied, with so many mixed emotions that there isn't going to be just one song that fits them all. So I guess I don't really have an answer. All the ones that you have mentioned are great songs, and I'm probably wrong about the love song thing, but thats just the way it seems to me, any ways.N

08-09-1999, 07:44 PM
Of the above ones, I have to pick, "What she's doing now".<P>Also, some more good break-up songs are "When I close my eyes" by Kenny Chesney, "From a Distance" by Alan Jackson, and "Friends" by John Michael Montgomery.<P>Those are just a few of the many great break-up songs. I know what you mean when you said it's hard to narrow it down to the best!N