View Full Version : Willie Nelson was on The View today!

07-14-1999, 07:45 AM
I like Willie Nelson (and I watch The View sometimes too) and I saw he was going to be on, so I watched it.<BR>(where did Barbra Walters go? why isn't she on The View anymore?)<P>Anyway<P>Willie was a great guest, and the black lady (I'm sorry I don't know her name) asked him if the rumor of him getting caught smoking a joint on the roof of the White House during the Carter Administration was true.<BR>And Willie said:<BR>"I didn't get caught!"<BR>and the audience started screaming (I thought it was hilarious)<P>and he sang On the Road again,<BR>and they metioned Willie would be at Woodstock '99<BR>__________________________________________________ ______________<P>Well that's basicly it,<BR>I just wanted to tell everyone Willie Nelson smoked marajuana on the roof of the White House in the late 70's<P>(you should have seen his face when she asked him the question)<P> :D<P>GlennN

07-14-1999, 11:30 AM
Well Jimmy Carter probably smoked marihuana inside the White House in the late seventies ;) (lol)<P>well I like Wille boy too :) I think he has written some really good songs.<P>BrianN