View Full Version : Who thinks Naomi looks better than Wynona?

07-12-1999, 09:41 AM
Well I was just reading Monica's (Gator Girl) topic about the Judds' movie. <P>So I was just think how much older (yet) better looking Naomi is than Wynona. I think that, that is great to see a mother of two still be that beatiful.<P>Wynona is decent looking but not as good looking as Naomi.<P>So, who agrees with me? Who disagrees with me?<P>Glenn ;)N

07-12-1999, 10:01 AM
Well I agree :o :o<BR>I have thought about that for a long time :o<BR>Is she looking better than Ashley? hmmmm :o<P>BrianN

07-12-1999, 10:06 AM
no comment.....cuz' i'm not a GUY,ummm....so<BR>...that would make me a GIRL.....so you know....lol ;)<P>aRiN

07-12-1999, 11:21 AM
I've ALWAYS thought Naomi was much better looking than Wynonna. However, Ashley is truly the most "physically gifted" member of the family.N

07-12-1999, 12:44 PM
LOL...<B>Naomi</B>.. there is not doubt about that!! <B>Wynonna</B> looks like she can beat you up anytime...LOL<P>TommyN

07-12-1999, 01:26 PM
Tommy you are too funny :) :) :)<P>BrianN

07-12-1999, 03:25 PM
Hey, Garthites, SETexas here, still suffering from server-itis. Yeppers, Naomi is much better looking than Wynona. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I've never really liked Wynona's efforts since her mom retired. I liked the Judds a whole lot better.<P>SETexasN

07-12-1999, 05:22 PM
I agree that Naomi is much more attractive than Wynonna, but also agree that the best of the bunch is Ashley! <P>N

07-12-1999, 08:24 PM
It's not even close, Naomi by a mile! However, I do agree with everyone so far that Ashley is the cream of the crop. It almost want to make me a Kentucky fan! (she is a big Kentucky basketball fan)N

The Wagon Maker
07-12-1999, 09:20 PM
LOL...I would have to agree with honky. I guess that after I watched the special about their lives, that I kind of got "that" impression about Wynonna. The only Judds album I have is <B>The Essential Judds</B>, and I listen to it all of the time. (I'm sure glad it's a CD and not a tape...it will last longer that way)N

07-13-1999, 08:27 AM
Well I didn't even want to bring Ashley into it.<BR>She would definately win (she is the youngest too). Not only that (nothing against red hair but) she is the only one who does have red hair too!!!!<P>Glenn<BR>(well Glenn you must be a genius to have pointed out the red hair thing, Glenn do you not think everyone could figure that out on there own-------well you just can't trust people to think on their own..... wait? why am I talking to MYSELF,,,,,In the third person???)N

Teddi Jo
07-13-1999, 01:57 PM
I think they're both lovely, but yes Naomi definately more delicate than Wynonna. I think Ashley is very pretty, too but none of these ladies are anything to sneeze at *lol* and I AM a girl, too but that's my opinion.N

07-13-1999, 07:04 PM
I have to agree. <BR>I think Naomi is prettier in her own way but Wynonna also has some characteristics of her own that makes her pretty also. <P>Country@Heart :)N

07-21-1999, 06:15 PM
LOL, Tommy :D.<P>**<P>Teddi Jo,<P>Ashley is ALL THAT and a bag of chips, baby! She's SHAGADELIC, baby, yeah!<BR>N

07-22-1999, 02:53 AM
I agree, you can Naomi and Wynonna, i'll take Ashley anyday of the week, and weekends too. Definately a shagadelic babe. Or as another Mike Myers movie would put it... 2 Schwings way up. lolN

11-06-1999, 06:11 AM
OK, Ashley Judd is the most beautiful woman in Hollyweird, and Naomi Judd looks great for her age, and what she's been through (though her taste in clothes and makeup is questionable to me). BUT... Wynonna, although her looks are unconventional, is the most strikingly gorgeous one, inside and out to me, whether photos always show it or not. I've heard literally dozens of folks say the same words after meeting Wy in person: "She's stunningly beautiful!" Sure, I've heard people who haven't met her say they think her sister and mom are prettier, but the fact that Wynonna seems to have no problem with that just shows what a generous person she is.N

11-06-1999, 10:07 AM
I agree with Shan. Naomi is prettier but Wynonna is pretty in a different kind of way. Of course, Ashley is beautiful. I'm big fans of all of them. Naomi is a great writer and performer. Wynonnna has a great voice. Ashley is a great writer. :) :) :) :)N