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07-09-1999, 04:52 PM
Hey, I'm just thinking to myself as I listen to Netradio Country that there are a LOT of new country artists. Here are the ones that I came up with...<BR>Andy Griggs<BR>Shane Minor<BR>Brad Paisley<BR>Chalee Tennison (sp?)<BR>SHeDAISY<BR>Jessica Andrews<BR>Sherri Austin<BR>And who is the woman who sings that song "Trouble Is A Woman"?? (At least I think it is called that :o) <P>Well, I'm just wondering if you guys think that these people will pass or fail when it comes to producing continuous good music?? <BR>Also, what is your opinion on Lila McCann, The Wilkonsons, and Sara Evans? Will they continue to rise to the top or kind of stay where they are now? I think Lila is doing very well for herself, and I am enjoying her CMT Showcase when I get a chance to see it. I like the Wilkonson's latest song, "Boy Oh Boy" but it seems to be going nowhere on the charts. Of course, it would help if they played it once in a while on the radio. Finally, I think every song on Sara Evans' CD is great! I really hope she does well :)N

07-09-1999, 05:17 PM
I don't know if it's Julie Reeves who sings "Trouble is a Woman" but I know she's another new artist.<P>Out of the ones you listed, I have liked the singles from Andy Griggs, Shane Minor (who I'm seeing in August with five other acts), Brad Paisley and SHeDAISY. The others haven't done anything for me.<P>I also like the singles from Montgomery Gentry and Chad Brock, who are two other new acts.<P>Paula<P>N

07-10-1999, 02:01 AM
Lila McCann is cool :) if I could I would... no no no :o<BR>I think she is making really good music, and I like her better than LeAnn Rimes :D<BR>I know Sherri Austin, Brad Paisley, The Wilkinsons and Sara Evans :) I haven't heard about the others :o<BR>Except The Wilkinsons, the artists above is making good music :) Does that make sense :o<P>BrianN

07-10-1999, 04:56 AM
Yeah, Julie Reeves sings "Trouble Is A Woman" (now my mom's favorite music video...see, we have pug dogs, and there's a pug in the video), and also "It's About Time"<P>N

07-10-1999, 10:06 AM
Out of the list you gave, the only one that impresses me is SheDaisy.<P>AmyN

07-10-1999, 01:30 PM
<B>The Wilkinsons</B>, The Wilkinsons[/b]!!!! I bought their CD and it's AWESOME!! I agree with Shannon that their new single <B>Oh boy oh boy</B> isn't going anywhere on the chart :( Their first single <B>26 cents</B> is really really good :) And the one that followed was <B>Fly (Angel song)</B> which is also just as good as the first one. I really recomment you guys to buy their CD.<P>I think as far as the new artists, I doubt any of them would become just as big as the CLASS OF 89'S (if you know who I am referring to). <P>TommyN

07-11-1999, 04:40 PM
Hi, I just saw Andy Griggs in concert Friday night and the show was amazing. He sang all but 2 songs off his debut album as well as half a dozen covers. His album is great, already has one number hit and could easily have every song go the same route. I definitely think that he will be around for quite some time. Also he did a really cool "Garth thing"--My sister and I showed up early and we're able to watch the sound check (it was at a fair and there was no way to keep us out) Andy was on the stage singing with the band and then he walked over to the sound board which was directly behind us. He told the person manning the board exactly how it should sound for each song. He made sure the sound was just right, he had his hands in everything. I've seen a few sound checks and have never seen another artist do this. I've heard the Garth is similar, and I think that's cool. I also think it's a sign of a bright future. It's hard to be a good performer if all you know is that you stand on the stage and sing and everyone else will take care of the rest. <P>Sorry, I took so long on Andy however, I really think he is cool. Other cool artists are Brad Paisley who also has a great debut album and his debut single could go to #1. Lila McCann seems to have a growing popularity and Sara Evans has such an incredible voice that I don't think she'll ever go away. It's taken her a while to get where she is now and I think that she's only gonna get better.N

07-12-1999, 11:59 AM
It would be really nice to see most the new artists have staying power, but the music industry is such a cut throat business that it's hard to say. It seems these days, that most new artists only have 5 minutes of fame until the next up and coming star walks through the door. Sad, but true. There's a whole lot of really good artists who have been left by the wayside by the PTB because their second song or album didn't make it to the top 10.<P>As for <B>The Wilkinson's</B>, they are played quite a bit here in Canada. Both CMT and radio. Of course, it helps that our CRTC stipulates that a huge percentage of music "gracing" our airwaves must be Canadian content. <P>Catch y'all around the next bend... N