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07-03-1999, 11:32 AM
Just thought I'd help out Gator Gal since my Dad graduated from Florida hehe :)<BR>-------------------------------------<BR>Today's Artist Of The Day is my Favorite GROUP! <b>Sawyer Brown</b><BR>-------------------------------------<BR>Sawyer Brown got their "Jump" into Country Music in the early '80s thanks to a T.V. Show called "Star Search" that was hosted by Ed McMahon (Yeah the "voice" in Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show')<P>Sawyer Brown went on to win Star Search that year and $100,000, and a Recording Contract good for 2 Albums. That was all they needed to prove themselves in the Country Music world.<P>From their first Single "Leona" back in 1984.<BR>Although the band made its breakthrough with such pulsating party songs as "Step That Step" and "Betty's Bein' Bad," it endeared itself to hard-core country audiences with its more somber and thought-provoking fare-songs like "Used To Blue," "This Missin' You Heart Of Mine," "The Walk," "The Dirt Road," "All These Years" and "Cafe On The Corner," all of which went Top 5 or higher.<P>Remarkably stable in a notoriously unstable business, the band has lost and added only one member in its more than 15 years of recording and touring. Besides Miller, Hubbard and Cameron, the band is made up of Joe Smyth on drums and Jim Scholten on bass. Within its first year of performing, Sawyer Brown won the Country Music Association's Horizon Award. It has since earned Top Vocal Group honors from the Academy Of Country Music, as well as six consecutive TNN/Music City News Top Vocal Band prizes.<P>Sawyer Brown was one of the first country acts to use music videos to full advantage. From the start, its videos were built around concepts, rather than on straight performances. The videos also involved famous guest stars, among them the comedian Gallagher and wiseguy weatherman Willard Scott. But more than anything else, the videos showcased Mark Miller's bounding and boundless stage energy and demonstrated that the other members were having great fun playing together.<P>A devout Christian, Miller says he does take care to ensure that the band's videos don't celebrate or endorse opposing values. "Quite honestly, my kids don't want to see me hugging or kissing anyone but their mama, and I'm not going to do that. If there are girls in the video who might insinuate something, I'm not too keen on that either." In spite of these strictures, many of Sawyer Brown's videos are dramatic powerhouses. "The Walk" chronicled the relentless march of aging. "Caf? on the Corner" focussed on the agony of people dispossessed and out of work. "All These Years" examined without sentimentality a marriage crumbling into desperation and despair. More recently, with "The Other Side," the band used a Civil War scenario to illustrate that blood is thicker than politics. Four of Sawyer Brown's videos-including the rollicking "Some Girls Do" and "Six Days On The Road"-have earned <b>CMT Video Of The Year</b> awards.<P>The band continues to be generous in its support of charities. "We're really involved with St. Jude [Children's Hospital]," Miller says. "We do everything we can that they need us to do. I have a group of [celebrity] basketball guys that I do benefits with for smaller schools to help them raise money for their athletic programs."<P>By now, Miller says, the fans have come to accept his smoothly shaved head in place of the hats and caps he used to wear to conceal his thinning locks. "Sometimes you run out of options," he laughs. "With the hair, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter, and I didn't like wearing hats anymore. My wife said, 'You've been wanting to shave it, so just shave it and see what it looks like.' And I said, 'What if I look like Charles Barkley? In my mind, I want to look like Michael Jordan. But what if I look like an axe murderer?' But I did it, and she liked it. Now I keep it zipped down. The fans are used to it. I think it was a little bit of a shock at first. The funny thing is that all the kids think it's cool." Miller expects Drive Me Wild to yield five or six singles and for the band to tour in support of the album for the next two years. A Sawyer Brown box set is under discussion and may be released before the end of 1999.<P>Aside from performing, farming and shooting baskets, Miller intends to spend more time writing songs and producing records. "There are a couple of acts I'm working with now," he says. "I just enjoy the music so much, and that seems to be where my gifts are. I always want to have time and energy for that." <P>Sawyer Brown Albums that are out<BR>As of now:<BR><b><i>Sawyer Brown<BR>Shakin'<BR>Out Goin' Cattin'<BR>Somewhere In the Night<BR>Wide Open<BR>The Boys Are Back<BR>Greatest Hits<BR>Buick<BR>The Dirt Road<BR>Cafe on the Corner<BR>The Outskirts of Town<BR>Greatest Hits 1990-1995<BR>This Thing Called Wantin' and Havin' It All<BR>Six Days on the Road<BR>Hallelujah He Is Born<BR>Drive Me Wild</i></b><P>-------------------------------<BR>As for me... I meet Sawyer Brown back in 1986 at a county fair.. got their Autographs and what really impreased me? <BR>Their heart! They stayed over 2 hours signing Autographs for everyone that day. And they said they was NOT leaving until everyone that wanted an autograph.. got one!<P>That sure was a way to get fans. And they have indeed kept them all!<P>Good Luck in the Future, Sawyer Brown! :)<BR>--------------------------------<P>This Bio was written in some of my own words, with the help of <A HREF="http://www.sawyer-brown.com" TARGET=_blank>www.sawyer-brown.com</A> N

07-03-1999, 01:53 PM
Hey Chris_Gaines, that's a fantastic group :)<BR>I have to admit that I have not heard ALL the albums or songs, but what I've heard I really like.<BR>My favorite song is "Six days On The Road"<P>BrianN

07-04-1999, 04:38 AM
Hey Chris _Gaines! Do ya run the Sawyer Brown Fan Club or what? LOL. I "love" the song "Betty's being Bad" It rocks! I also love the line in "Cafe on the Corner"<P>"the meek shall inherit the earth and the bank shall reposess it"N

07-05-1999, 10:34 AM
Well I've been right there since Star Search and have seen "the boys" in concert around 20 times.In december I will see them do a Christmas show which will be a first for me.They have just been around so long that there is no way I could pick a favorite song but I love to watch Mark LIVE when he sings "Shakin".N

07-05-1999, 07:42 PM
Wow Chris Gaines!!! What an awesome job you did on this artist profile! <P>I think I need to hand over the job to you! <P>I love Saywer Brown also. And have followed them since Star Search. Mark Miller is from Apopka Florida which is not too far from Tampa. I have been to see then 12 times in concert and have gotten them to autograph my favorite Sawyer Brown T-Shirt, which I refuse to wear so I don't have to wash it! <P>I have alot of favorite Sawyer Brown Songs, but if I had to pick one it would be "The Walk". Great message in that song. <P>Thanks again for an awesome job! You did me proud! :) N

07-06-1999, 10:24 AM
My favorite Sawyer Brown songs are "The Other Side" (just a great story), and "Six Days on the Road" (mainly because he says something like "drivin' out of Pittsburgh..." or something along those lines). It's always cool to hear your home town or state mentioned in a song isn't it??? Y'all stay cool in this miserable heat!! :)<P>Cathy ;)N