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06-29-1999, 02:08 AM
<b>WHERE IS ARTIST OF THE DAY?????</b><BR>I'm desperate :o<BR>If you want me to help with some info's on some artists, just mail me :D<P>Brian :) :( :o :D<BR>N

06-29-1999, 05:57 PM
<b>Pilgrim</b><P>I am sorry that I have slacked off on the Artist of the Day. :(<P>I don't mind anyone helping out and if you have a post ready to go...by all means, post it :)<P>Any help is welcomed! Feel free to spotlight and artist if you wish! <P>Talk to you soon! <P>Moni ;) N

07-01-1999, 11:57 AM
I will try and see what I can do :D<BR>But the book I have is a old one,, so the infos is noy up-to-date :(<BR>I will try and surf on the net to see if I can find any info's :D<BR>It may take a little while.<P>BrianN