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06-28-1999, 10:34 AM
I got me 4 extra CD's sunday including "Crazy Nights" with Lonestar :D<BR>I have to say that this is a really good band<BR>I totally agree with what your have written before on this Forum :D<BR>The other CD's was<BR>"Haywire" with Chris LeDoux, great great CD :D :D<BR>"By The Light Of The Moon" with Charlie Daniels Band, oh god I love this band :D<BR>"No More Looking Over My Shoulder" with Travis Tritt, I just love the country/rock Tritt does :D<BR>Uuuhuh I haven't nearly got any room left for my CD's :o<P>BrianN

06-28-1999, 12:30 PM
Well as a Lonestar fan I'd have to say very good choice! :D "Crazy Nights" I feel in my opinion is their best so far. And the Travis Tritt CD is a very good one too. Great choices you made :)<P>PaulaN

06-28-1999, 07:08 PM
Their new song "Amazed" is just that--amazing. I love it. The djs here always talk about how great the song is.I only wish they'd play it more. The cassettes sold out really fast around here, so I guess I'll hafta wait or get the CD and tape it. Anyway, glad others out there like 'em too.<BR>Crickett<BR>N

07-08-1999, 09:47 AM
Personally, my fav Lonestar CD is 'Lonestar". I'm a fan of theirs from WAY back (when they weren't well-known) and I like their older stuff better. But, both of the other albums are awesome, too!N

07-08-1999, 06:20 PM
sorry i can't comment cuz' i don't have any of his cd's :o<P>aRiN

07-09-1999, 04:54 PM
I really love their latest single, but the problem here is that it gets overplayed instead of underplayed. Man, they are killing this song! I think it's a great song but I like it better when I don't hear it every time I turn on the radio.N

07-09-1999, 06:49 PM
Well "Amazed got played enough to knock George Strait off of the number one spot.I know what you mean about "Amazed" playing time.I just spent 14 hours driving to South Carolina and 14 hours driving back home.Everytime we lost a radio station and found a new one Lonestar,George Strait and JoDee Messina would be playing.Actually the radio stations played a lot of Garth too(yipeee)N

08-09-1999, 05:37 PM
I THINK LONESTAR ROCKS!!!!<BR>I love all the songs on there in cd and my sister has a page with pics of her and her friend with the group and while they were <BR>hangin' out with the group...she goes to every concert they have here in Fla!!!<BR>N