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06-28-1999, 08:20 AM
I follow a lot of up and coming singer/songwriters and other great artists who have not yet achieved the notoriety that Garth and others have. I'm curious as to who people in this forum listen to that we wouldn't know from commercial radio? <BR>N

06-28-1999, 11:38 AM
I listen to Clint Daniels. He doesn't have a CD out but I have a few of his songs on record. You might know him from his video's for "A Fool's Progress" or "When I Grow Up". <BR>I don't live in an area that plays up and coming artists, so the only way that I hear them is on CMT. Perhaps being on CMT disqualifies you from not being on commercial radio--I don't know. However, I've never heard Clint on my local country station. So, for me, he qualifies as an artist not on commercial radio.N

06-28-1999, 01:07 PM
I really like Susan Ashton but they never play her on the radio much :(N

06-29-1999, 07:07 AM
I've never heard of either of these people, but I'll certainly check them out. I'm a big fan of the BottleRockets, Joe Ely, Todd Snider, Steve Earle, Jerry Jeff Walker, Wilco, Son Volt, Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams...the list goes on. Anyone else?N

07-01-1999, 10:07 AM
One person I kinda follow is Victoria Shaw. She has several albums out (none of which I have :o, but only because of money shortage), but I've never heard of her being played on the radio.<BR>For those non-Garth fans among us, she co-wrote <i>The River</i>, <i>She's Every Woman</i> with Garth, and wrote the John Michael Montgomery song, <i>I Love The Way You Love Me</i>.<BR>And I want to say :)Welcome :)to all Todd Snider fans. I was away when you first arrived, but reading back I can only say that I'm shocked at how badly you were "welcomed" here. I like to think that we're better than that. Please forgive the PGers who ask it. You just caught us at a bad time!<BR>Your friend,<BR>Hazel :)N

07-01-1999, 10:29 AM
I listen to a lot of stuff, mostly Country though. :) I listen to Martina McBride, Jodee Messina, Dixie Chicks, Ty England, George Strait, and a lot lot more in Country. In rock or alternative, I will listen to The Cranberries, Matchbox 20, Sheryl Crow, a little Nirvana, and some others. :)N

07-03-1999, 01:13 PM
This is really SETexas here, experiencing the heartbreak of server-itis. It won't let me post under my own name and TyDye is what it sends me when I ask for my name and password. Dang. Sorry about that, TyDye. I'll be polite here.<BR> When a Garth album isn't playing here, which isn't too often, :) there's a bunch of different artists that come out of the speakers. Here's the short list: Cheryl Wheeler, Nanci Griffith, Steve Forbert, Michael Nesmith, Jimmy Buffett, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Backsliders, Flying Burrito Brothers, Acoustic Alchemy, Todd Snider, John Prine, James Hooker, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Bill Staines, Bruce Hornsby, Shawn Phillips, Long John Baldry, Suzy Bogguss, Joe Ely, Los Lobos, and ... (drum roll, please)... a band with a weird name but a great sound -- "Big Head Todd and the Monsters".<BR> Short list, huh? You oughta see the record collection. ha ha<P>Happy Fourth! My watermelon is on ice.<P>SETexas N

07-04-1999, 11:30 AM
Well, I'm kind of in a band, does that count? We haven't really played a gig yet, so I don't think we do. *lol* We're not even a "garage band" 'cus none of us has a garage--we're a "backyard under the maple tree band"...<P>I like Son Volt, I saw them once at a club. I'm trying to find some stuff by Lucinda Williams cus she's on tour with NASCAR Rocks! w/the Allman Brothers 30th Anniversary Tour and I want to know if it's worth going -- I mean, I love NASCAR and I like the Allman Brothers, but I've never heard of half of the supporting acts on the tour...I've heard OF Lucinda Williams ("Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" is available through the 10,000-CDs-For-A-Penny club I'm in) but I've never heard her music.N

07-05-1999, 09:45 AM
Well, I'm truly a Garth fan, but when I can't listen to him, I mostly listen to Goerge Strait, Alan Jackson, and other country artists.N

07-05-1999, 10:41 AM
Well PEZ i recently saw SonVolt with john Mellencamp and just couldn't get into them(maybe if I weren't anxiously awaiting John I would have enjoyed them more).I will be seing Lucinda Williams(opening for Tom Petty) in July and even though I'm not familiar with her music I've heard very good things about her.I'll let you know.N

07-08-1999, 09:45 AM
Well....some 'unkown' artists I follow are Victoria Shaw (met her...awesome singer, songwriter and woman), Ty England (Gee..I wonder where he's from), Billy Yates, Skip Ewing, Gary Allan, Danny Leigh, South 65....a lot of younger and up and coming artistsN

07-21-1999, 09:24 AM
I mostly listen to CLay Walker and I will always be a Clay fan but other people that I don't hear much on the radio are Ty England and Clint Daniels......i think they have great voices and deserve to be recognized more!N

07-21-1999, 09:27 AM
I mostly listen to CLay Walker and I will always be a Clay fan but other people that I don't hear much on the radio are Ty England and Clint Daniels and also Chris Cummings......i think they have great voices and deserve to be recognized more! I really don't even see them on CMT either.....I used to see them alot but i never do now!N