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06-23-1999, 08:54 PM
Ok....It is time to spotlight <b>Steve Wariner</b><P><b>A special thanks to Shmlss4gb for all the info provided in this thread!</b> :) <P>Steve Wariner was born on 12/25/54( Hey a Christmas Baby!) in Noblesville, IN. <P>Began his career at the age of 17 working as a bass player for Dottie West. Steve was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 1996. <P>Chet Akins is one of his heroes! Steve has won numerous awards for his instrument talent. He is a very accomplished guitarist. <P>He has had over 30 Top Ten Hits, some of which include: <P>Your Memory<BR>I'm Already Taken( 1st song Steve ever wrote)<BR>Baby I'm Yours<BR>Leave Him Out Of This<BR>I Should Be With You<BR>I Got Dreams<BR>Lynda<BR>Lonely Women Make Good Lovers<BR>What I Didn't Do<BR>You Can Dream Of Me<BR>The Weekend<BR>The Domino Theory<BR>Life's Highway<BR>What If I Said<BR>Holes In the Floor of Heaven<BR>Two Tear Drops<BR>Burnin The Roadhouse Down (w/Garth)<P>My favorite song of his by no doubt "Holes In The Floor of Heaven" followed by " The Weekend". <P>N

06-23-1999, 09:03 PM
You are sure a busy girl, huh, :o<BR>"Holes In The Floor Of Heaven" followed by "Two Tear Drops" :D<P>BrianN

06-23-1999, 09:27 PM
Thank you so much for adding Steve. My favorite song I would have to say is "What Didn't I Do". It's so hard to choose, I love almost all of them. <P>BTW, Steve's middle name is Noel, perfect for the Xmas Baby.N

06-23-1999, 11:17 PM

06-24-1999, 11:13 AM
I really like the idea of the information on the artists. It's much appreciated. <P>It's real hard to pick just one, so I have to say my favorites are:<BR>"Holes In The Floor Of Heaven"<BR>followed real closely by<BR>"Two Teardrops" and "What If I Said"<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...<BR>N

06-24-1999, 12:46 PM
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven<P>This must be my first choice, I don't know that many of his songs :oN

t.m. fan
06-24-1999, 03:10 PM
Well, I've only heard 2 Steve Wariner songs, one of which I love and one of which I, well... don't like so much, I'll just say. The one I love is "Holes In The Floor Of Heaven".N

06-25-1999, 11:58 AM
I really like the song Lynda which was written for Lynda Carter, the star of Wonder woman. However, my all time favorite country song is "The Weekend". Steve Wariner is one of the coolest guys around and I still can't believe that I met him at Fan Fair!N

06-25-1999, 12:31 PM
Hey, you forgot one of his biggest hits..."Tips of My Fingers"! :) That's one of my faves of his, along with "Burnin' the Roadhouse Down" and "What If I Said" N

06-25-1999, 12:38 PM
I guess I would have to say it's a toss up between:<P>Holes in the Floor of Heaven<BR>and<BR>Two Teardrops<P>JulieN

Teddi Jo
06-25-1999, 04:29 PM
<b> Holes In The Floor Of Heaven </b> still brings tears to my eyes when I hear that song.N

06-28-1999, 02:14 AM
Thanks for this info on Steve W. I've only got the "Burnin the Road House Down" CD. I'm going to get the new one, but can anyone tell me the names of the older ones, and which I should get first (they are not readily available in Oz, so I need some hints on what to buy).<P>Thanks heaps - <P>TKN

06-28-1999, 09:16 AM
TK--<P>My favorite that has older songs on it is called "The Hits". I like every song on that album. To see a list of all Steve's albums, go to <A HREF="http://www.stevewariner.com/swariner/discogra.htm" TARGET=_blank>www.stevewariner.com/swariner/discogra.htm</A> for a list of all of Steve's albums.N

06-29-1999, 01:59 AM
Thanks Terri,<P>I'll put it in my next Amazon order. :)<P>TKN

07-07-1999, 11:22 PM
I would have to say that I have two picks:<P>Holes in the Floor of Heaven<BR>Two Teardrops<P>Country@Heart :)N