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06-23-1999, 08:39 PM
Today's Artist of the Day is <b>Randy Travis</b>!<P>Randy Travis was born in North Carolina under the name Randy Traywick. He was considered a real teenage hell raiser and dropped out of school in the 9th grade. Bound for a path of destruction, including alcohol, drug and petty theft under his belt, he got his start in the music business by singing in a night club in NC. His wife and manager, Lib Hatcher, thankfully got him back on the right track and they moved to Nashville in 1981. In 1985 his debut single, "On The Other Hand" was released. And from there on it is history. Acting is another avenue that he has travelled down. <P>In 1986, Randy became the youngest male artist ever to join the Grand Ole Opry. <P>His Hits Include:<P>On The Other Hand<BR>If I Didn't Have You<BR>1982<BR>Hard Rock Bottom Of My Heart<BR>I Told You So<BR>Honky Tonk Moon<BR>An Old Pair Of Shoes<BR>Too Gone Too Long<BR>Heroe's and Friends<BR>Deeper Than The Holler<BR>Reason's I Cheat<BR>Look Heart, No Hands<BR>Forever And Ever, Amen<BR>No Place Like Home<BR>Is It Still Over<BR>He Walked On Water<BR>Diggin Up Bones<BR>It's Just A Matter Of Time<BR>Better Class Of Losers<BR>If I Didn't Have You <BR>Before You Kill Us All<BR>Whisper My Name<BR>This Is Me<BR>The Box<BR>King of The Road<BR>Out Of My Bones<BR>The Hole<P>Gosh, for me, Randy Travis is a hard one to pick a favorite song of. I love just about all of them. I guess if I had to pick just one it would be...The Box. <P>Hard one huh?? :) <P> N

06-23-1999, 08:55 PM
This is not hard for me Monica :o<BR><b>Forever And Evar, Amen</b> :D<BR>I have said before that I think it is one of the best songs EVER written :D<BR>It also bring back good memories from my trip to Canada two years ago. :D :D :D :D<P>BrianN

t.m. fan
06-23-1999, 08:57 PM
Nice bio Gator Girl! You're right, it is hard to pick just one, for me it is a two way tie between "Forever And Ever, Amen" and "Outta' My Bones". N

06-24-1999, 09:11 AM
Forever and Ever, Amen!N

06-24-1999, 12:44 PM
No doubt!!!!<P><b>Forever And Ever, Amen</b><P>Such a great piece of music :DN

06-25-1999, 12:41 PM
Even though I picked Forever and Ever Amen...I have to say that Better Class of Losers was the first country song and video that caught my attention. N

Teddi Jo
06-25-1999, 04:27 PM
As usual, I can't decide so I'll pick two :o<P><b> Forever & Ever Amen </b> and <b> The Box </b>N

07-08-1999, 08:11 AM
I would have to choose:<BR>Forever and Ever Amen<BR>Better Class of Losers<P>But I do have to say that there are many more that I like on the list but these are the two favorites.<P>Country@Heart :)N