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06-15-1999, 07:43 AM
K, Lonestar's latest release, 'Amazed' is an awesome song first of all. But, I want to know if they are going pop? Last time I seen them, they were wearing cowboy gear... meaning wranglers, shirts, and of course stetsons. On their Amazed video, not one hat or dress shirt. All jeans and tight little t-shirts(which does look good). I thought, maybe for the video they didn't. I saw them on C&C show and same thing. Now I know that just because they are country artists they don't have to dress in stetsons and wranglers.. but they did start out that way. Even the song Amazed doesn't sound country it really sounds non-country. So all you Lonestar fans, are they switching over? Or even casual listeners of Lonestar like me can answer. Thanks in advance for any light being able to shed on this question. :)<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

06-15-1999, 11:47 AM
I still haven't heard Lonestar, and to be honest if they sound a little like Shania Twain its fine with me :)<P>BrianN

06-15-1999, 12:23 PM
Just like Brian I don't know Lonestar. But I think we are all making too much out of country and non-country. <BR>Just look at The Mavericks. Their last album wasn't country, but I wouldn't count it as pop either. But that's why they are Mavericks aren't it? And what about Elvis? One of the greatest country artist's ever. But I don't want to be the one to sit down and sort out his songs in country and non-country. Who cares about the style as long as it is good music? :D :D :DN

06-15-1999, 01:02 PM
I don't follow LoneStar closely, but I love their new song! Hey, they play it on my country station all the time, but I don't listen to the pop stations so I'm not sure if they are crossing over.N

t.m. fan
06-15-1999, 02:56 PM
Just like Palle said, I think we get too wrapped up into this country-pop thing. If it sounds good, then what's the problem? People forget that times change, and so does music. If it didn't we would all still be listening to Beethoven and Mozart. Country needs a fresh new sound to avoid going stale and artists such as Lonestar, McGraw/Hill, Andy Griggs, of course Garth, and several others are providing that for us. Besides, maybe now country will get the credit it so desperately deserves! N

06-15-1999, 04:35 PM
Well I'm a fan of Lonestar, and I don't know about the crossover thing. I'll admit they don't look the way they used to, but maybe its just that they wanted to change the style of their clothes. (I think it looks good on them). I do remember that they were talking about the new album and how it was different than the others they have done... Maybe this goes along with the album and the songs. With John leaving the group and Richie becoming the lead, maybe they felt like having a whole new look. I think they look great, and sound great. I finally found their new CD this weekend and its a good album. I must say in my opinion it isn't better than the other two I have. I think Crazy Nights is their best to date. But still a good album. I personally think they wanted a "make-over" New band (4 members instead of 5) New album and New style. I think it looks good... Richie has never looked better! WOOHOO!!! ;)<P>PaulaN

06-16-1999, 07:53 AM
Thanks for the info guys... Just for the record, it does not matter to me what they wear. I just curious as to why they changed their look. I didn't know that a former member had left, so I understand what Paula is saying. I did notice that they looked really good too. I did mention also that I was just a casual listener and knew I would get replies here.. thanks again folks.. :)<P>Have a great day,<BR>Ellie :)N

06-16-1999, 05:42 PM
This is just an opinion and not fact but maybe what we are seeing now IS the REAL Lonestar.As new artists someone (record label,etc..)may have told them that if they were going to be COUNTRY artists that they needed to LOOK country(hats,jeans,etc..)Now that they have established themselves as successful artists maybe they have a little more say in there careers.Take John Mellencamp for example,he was given the stage name of Johnny Cougar and only after he became very successful was he able to record under his given name(the name he wanted to be known by) John Mellencamp.There was even a small transition period where he was known as John Cougar Mellencamp.N

06-16-1999, 05:54 PM
<BR> I really do not feel that Lonestar is going to go "pop". They, like Garth know who got them to where they are. That is country!!! They will never leave. At least I don't think they ever will. As far as "Amazed" goes, it is my fave Lonestar song. It is the kind of song in my opinion that could be used for country or pop. It is a beautiful song and should be seen for the words. Aside from that nothing else really matters. <P> Bryan BeattieN