View Full Version : I'm sad

06-04-1999, 02:47 AM
The George Strait Festival is coming to Pittsburgh on June 6th. It's the last show. I want to go so bad (I like Tim McGraw) but I don't have anyone to go with. My local country radio station said this morning that since it's the last show Faith Hill is going to appear to sing a few songs with Tim. I'm sick to my stomach. She is my favorite 2nd to Garth. I can't believe they are going to be 45 mins. away and I won't be there :(N

06-04-1999, 03:38 AM
You are only 45 minutes away? Go by yourself girl....why not? :) I know it's more fun to go with someone but if you want to go bad enough, I say go for it! ;)<P>-KathyN

06-04-1999, 06:44 PM
By the time you sit all day you'll get to know the folks around you,kind of like waiting in a ticket line for 3 or 4 hours.I know it would be kind of awkward to go alone but the music will keep you company.<P>BTW: I went to Lousville,Ky and saw the show last week and would have loved to see Faith with Tim again.N

06-05-1999, 04:05 PM
I'm not real crazy about driving alone. I'm not sure how to get there. Besides, I work night shift and I'll have to go into work that night at 10pm. At least I'll be seeing Tim in July in Atlanta. N