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t.m. fan
06-03-1999, 09:00 PM
What do you guys consider to be the greatest country album in modern (since 1981-- the George Strait era) history? Any why?<P>While it would be impossible for anyone to give a totally legit answer since I don't think anyone has listened to every single album that has come out, based on the songs that I have heard, it would be a tough choice between two albums. The first one is "No Fences" by you know who, and the second is probably the MOST underrated album I know of-- "Everywhere" by Tim McGraw. The basis I use for judging the greatest album is by deciding which albums will have (or do have) classic, timeless songs, and which album has the most of them. I mean with a Tim McGraw or a Garth Brooks album (at least his older stuff) every song on there will be great, regardless of whether or not it was a single, so let's take a look at the singles from the 2 albums. First, "No Fences". The first single "Friends in Low Places" topped the charts for 4 weeks, making it Garth's biggest song in terms of chart success. And it is undoubtedly his most famous song, and deffinately a classic. His next single, "Unanswered Prayers" also topped the charts, for 3 weeks. Another great song, but will lack the durability of "F.I.L.P." His third single, "Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House" was another number 1 hit and is a really fun song that will live in time, but won't be taken too seriously. His fourth and last single also was a number 1 hit, topping the charts for 2 weeks. It was a very controversial song, but for the most part is accepted by now. It will also be a classic, though not in the way "F.I.L.P." will be. This album was by far Garth's most successful in terms of album sales (16 million) and chart success (4 #1's-- the most he's had for any 1 album). It did win the album of the year award, not sure which one, and displays some of Garth's best work and includes a nice variety of songs. <P>The other album, "Everywhere" is Tim McGraw's fourth album. The first single, "It's Your Love" was shot out of a cannon and made it to the top of the charts in a little over a month. It stayed there for a record breaking 6 weeks. It is perhaps the best love song in country music history (having won at least a dozen awards) and will surely live forever. The next single was "Everywhere", which topped the charts for 2 weeks. It is a very beautiful song and is one that can and will stand the test of time. The third single "Just to See You Smile" tied "It's Your Love's" record by staying at #1 for 6 weeks. As a matter of fact, this is the song that got me into country music, so that in itself is quite an accomplishment. The fourth single is "One of these Days" which was also a number 1 hit. It is a very emotional and moving song and can also become a classic. The next single is deffinatley a classic, "Where the Green Grass Grows". It topped the charts for 4 weeks and is just a song that most country people can relate to, it got my dad into country music, which again is quite an accomplishment. The last single, just missed reaching number 1 (it topped out at #2) and is a fun song that is also original, "For a Little While" granted it probably won't be a classic. This album won the CMA award for album of the year but only sold 3 million (how?!). But it has 5 #1's and a number 2. <P>Both albums are full of classic, original songs that will live forever. It is extremely hard to choose one, but country music is all about relating to fans, and one the reasons I like Tim McGraw so much is I feel intimate with his music, I can really relate to it. So my choice is "Everywhere". <P>Feel free to disagree with me! N

06-04-1999, 02:08 AM
This is tough. To be honest Tim McGraw has no chance against GB. I think I have only heard T.M. once here in Europe. I really like "Just To See You Smile" its a fantastic song. Garth is played on the stations every now and then and he id for sure the biggest star in Europe together with Shania.<BR>I would pick "No Fences" eventhough "Ropin' The Wind is my fav. :) :)<P>BrianN

06-04-1999, 07:47 AM
T.M.Fan--why do you think Everywhere is underrated??? I've only heard great things about it and it has won quite a few awards. Tim even won Male Volcalist of the year off the album. There are alot of artists who are more underrated than Tim! <P>Picking an all time favorite album is hard for me. If I had to choose based on what I love right now it would be "Everywhere We Go" by Kenny Chesney without a doubt. It's a fun album with some good country songs. However, if I expand it to include past favorites it would have to be "Sevens", talk about an underrated album. It has a great mix of fast songs and heart-felt emotional songs. To me those are two of the greatest albums ever, but I do believe that the two artists will make even better albums in the future.N

06-04-1999, 03:26 PM
Hmmmm, this is a tough one. I definitely know that it is one of Garth's albums, but I can't decide which one. I mean, his first album, simply titled "Garth Brooks" is the album that got him his first trophies in the country music industry. However, we really started to see him come out of his shell and have some fun on No Fences and Ropin' the Wind. F.I.L.P. is the song that Garth is definitely the most known for...I have heard it referred to as the "Song of the Century" on many radio stations....so I guess when you stand back and look at how successful each album was, you'd have to say that No Fences is the greatest country album. :)<P>I'd also have to say that although she obviously didn't compare to Garth in the sales category, Reba McEntire's Greatest Hits Volume II is definitely one of the best country albums out there. :DN

06-05-1999, 05:54 AM
I would say the greatest album of all-time is <b>No Fences</b>, but the greatest single is <b>The Dance</b>. Although the selling of Garth Brooks isn't as good as No Fences, I can see the unique quality in Garth's first debute album. It's a CLASSIC to me...LOL I love da-album. :) <P>As far as Tim's, I think he is not really underrated. He has tons of No.1 singles for his Every Where, and he has won tons of awards for singles, album of the year (CMA), male vocalist of the year.. and so on. I wouldn't say this album is underrated. Compared to Garth's "Sevens"... arhaaa.. :( The singles didn't do so well on the chart!! Now that's underrated!! I can't believe "You Move Me" didn't go to No.1. And don't forget about the most underrated song of Garth's, "It's your song"!! The song only reached to No.9 or No.8 spot on the Billboard single chart. You know what? I don't care much about whether the single reaches No.1 or not. Think about it, (I'm speaking from a Garthnutt point of view), although Garth's singles aren't doing as well as before, his sellings didn't go down compare to the number of No.1 hits. Correct me if I am wrong, some stations just don't play Garth's that often; therefore some singles just won't reach to No.1 or even make it to top 3. The Billboards judges from the playlist, not the quality of the song. Besides, I don't think there is anyone who can ever say, "ok, this song is No.1, this is second..and this is third".. it's hard to judge since we are all bias to our on opinion. I think musicwise, Garth is still making great songs, but whether a single reaches No.1 or not, does not effect him too much (a bit.. but you know).. there are lots of artists who have a couple No.1 hits for his/her album, but can't sell!! <P>I hope I am making sense here... ;)<P>TommyN

t.m. fan
06-05-1999, 12:55 PM
I think the album "Everywhere" is underrated because it only sold 3 million copies, compared to "Sevens", which sold twice as many. I have "Sevens" and to be honest with you, that album does not compete with "Everywhere", and it doesn't even come close to Tim McGraw's new album "A Place in the Sun". I put both albums in and put my cd player on random and except for a couple new songs like "You Move Me", "Long Neck Bottle", and "Two Pina Coladas", his new stuff isn't anything special. If you ask me, "Sevens" is overrated. How did "In Another's Eyes" make it to number 2? To me, that song is very boring, but that is just my opinion. I think it is unfair to say that Tim McGraw can't compete with Garth Brooks, because when I listen to Tim's newer albums, the songs totally grab me and put me inside them. They are so captivating and soulful. I can't say that same thing about all of "Seven's" songs. Both albums are great, but you guys must give credit where credit is due, there is a reason why each of Tim McGraw's last 16 singles have reached the top 5, 12 have reached #1, and 9 have stayed there for several weeks. His songs are great! If a radio station doesn't play a Garth song, it's because it isn't received very well in that area. Garth Brooks will get the benefit of the doubt for a new song more than any other aritist, simply because he's Garth, the top selling solo act ever. He's got a reputation, a huge one so if one of his songs doesn't make it to number 1, chances are, it doesn't belong there. I admit, there are a couple Garth songs that I thought should have made it, but then again some of his songs I wondered about. How did "A.H.T.B.A." make it to number 1 while "Standing Outside the Fire" only made it to number 2 or 3? I think in the end it all works out and it really doesn't matter of a song reaches number 2 instead of number 1. A person isn't not going to buy the album because a song only reached 2 instead of number 1. It's all about the song itself, and that considered, Tim stands right up there with Garth. I never heard "It's Your Song" on the radio, and to be honest with you, I don't know how it made it into the top 10. The live version is poorly sung. I think a studio version would have done better. Actually, even more underrated than "Everywhere" is McGraw's "All I Want". I'm listening to it right now and this album didn't win any awards. This album is pure quality, original country. Awesome songs. The album sold 3 million on the strength of "I Like It, I Love It", but there's so many more great songs on here. Well, I'm starting to get carried away but I had to stick up for what I believe in and my favorite singer, Tim McGraw. N

06-06-1999, 06:20 PM
Three million may not seem like much, but it is quite a lot. Especially in terms of country music. Also, I love Sevens--I think that every song is great. I also love Everywhere. However, if I didn't like Everywhere I would not trash it. Please be careful what you say about albums. Some of my favorite songs on Sevens were never released such as "When there's no one around", "A friend to me", "I don't have to wonder" and "Bella Wood". These are all soulful and completely grabbed me when I first heard them. Remember a #1 song isn't loved by everyone just as a #1 album isn't loved by everyone. However, they are obvisouly loved by someone and for those people, myself included, please be careful what you say about the albums and songs. Music is great in that it touches each person differently. Please remember that the next time you chose to attack an album. Please remeber to respect the music at all cost.N

t.m. fan
06-06-1999, 07:40 PM
I never attacked "Sevens". I've heard far worse said about Garth and other artists. All I said was that in MY OPINION, I felt it was overrated. That's all. That, and I didn't feel that "In Another's Eyes" was all that special of a song. But I respect other people's opinions, that's why in my original post I said, "Feel free to disagree with me." I respect Garth Brooks and his music, and I own 4 of his cd's. I can understand why you all love him so much. But, my favorite artist happens to be Tim McGraw, and I was just stating that I feel "Everywhere" is a better album than "Sevens". I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It did win the CMA album of the year award over "Sevens", so I'm not the only one who feels that way. But someone made a post that said Tim McGraw has no chance against Garth Brooks and I wanted to say that I think he does. Just because you don't agree with me, doesn't mean I'm attacking him. I think Garth's song collection as a whole is one of the greatest of all time, but on any one particular album, may fall a little short of being considered the best ever. I feel "Everywhere" does qualify since there is so much depth and variety on the album. That was the first country cd I ever bought. Before that, I hated country, and not Garth Brooks, George Strait or anyone else could tempt me to listen to country, that is until I heard Tim McGraw. A lot of you never listened to country until you heard Garth Brooks and then you fell in love with his music. That's great! Well, the same thing happened to me with Tim McGraw, so the way I feel for Tim's music is the way you all feel about Garth's music and if you saw someone say that a non-Garth album was the best ever, you would want to stick up for what you believe in, as you have done. Well, that's what I did with Tim's album. I thought I was being very fair in the way I spoke of both albums. I should probably be posting this on a Tim McGraw board but that would be boring. Everyone there would just agree with me. I think it's interesting to get other people's opinions and views on issues, that's why I come here. So I'm sorry if anyone felt that I was trashing Garth of his music, that was not my intention, I do enjoy his music, just not as much as Tim McGraw's. Sorry for the LONG posts, but I just want to make sure I'm clear on what I'm saying. Have a TIMriffic day! Okay, and a Garthariffic day too! N

06-07-1999, 09:18 AM
Just to let you know, I do think that Everywhere is a great album. It's just completely different than Sevens, therefore, any comparison is unfair. I do feel that you were insulting Garth and his music in your previous posts. That, I think, is uncalled for. Even if I did not like Everywhere I would never say that "It's your love" was nothing special. You say that people can disagree with you and then you say well I still think Everywhere is better than any other album you listed. If you want real opinions, please accept them and don't stress that your opinion is the only right opinion.N

t.m. fan
06-07-1999, 09:57 AM
When did I ever stress that my opinion was the only right one? Don't be so sensitive guys, I was only debating what I felt. I've heard people call Garth a greedy blood sucking a**hole! That's what I call offending Garth. What I said about Garth was that he has some of the greatest music of all time and that I respect him, but I felt that one of his live songs wasn't sung all too well and that another one of his songs in my eyes, wasn't anything too special. Big deal! People were saying how some of his songs didn't make it to number one and I was just saying that I think there's a good reason for that. You guys make me out like some sort of bad guy just because I don't think Garth Brooks is the greatest country singer in the world. I respect everyone's opinions, and I'm fine with the fact that you guys like him so much. But this is a country artist forum, so accept the fact that not everyone cherishes Garth. I think you all are taking this way too seriously. Maybe I did, too. I just don't see how you can say that I was offending Garth by saying that "Sevens" is good, and "No Fences" is the second or third best country album of all time, and yet by saying that Tim has no chance against Garth isn't offending Tim. Talk about your double standards. I didn't meant to create any controversy, well not about being offensive any ways, so let's just make this clear-- I like Garth Brooks and his albums!!!! I think he is good!!! I didn't mean to offend him, and I am sorry if I did!!!!<P>So let's all just have a Timfiffic day!! N

t.m. fan
06-07-1999, 09:58 AM
That's TimRiffic!N

06-07-1999, 01:10 PM
t.m. fan<P>I'm sorry if I have offended you with my post above.<BR>I guess I have to point out that <b>I</b> think that the greatest country album of all time, should have some success in Europe, like in the US. I don't think that Tim McGraw can manage to beat Garth here in Europe unless he drops all his "boring" stuff. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Tim like I love Garth or Shania, but I know alot of people that think the music "Tim Mcgraw way" is very boring compared to GB. That is the way we European is, and we can't help it. ;)(LOL)<BR>If it can chear you up I think there are chances for Faith Hill to be a big star here in Denmark. She is being played alot on the stations, so I hope we will wake up and go out to buy some country instead of this <b>BORING</b> dance music, rap or unknown heavy metal.<P>BrianN

06-07-1999, 01:13 PM
Ooops I forgot to ask you something.<BR>What did you hear before country?<BR>I am really in to Bruce Springsteen, he is my all-time favorite. :D :D<P>BrianN

06-07-1999, 01:23 PM
I'm sorry if you think I was being sensitive. However, you asked what our personal favorite country album is and when it wasn't Tim you defended tim to his death. I would do the same thing for many artists, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, even Tim McGraw. However, if you ask for someone's opinion don't assume that they will all be the same as yours. Or, that you will change their opinion. I love Tim and his music, however, it's not the best that I've heard. One person's opinion, it doesn't mean that it's not good or that you can't like it. If you go to Tim's website there is an article citing him as the next Garth, therefore you are not alone in your opinion. Please be kind to every artist in the future.N

06-07-1999, 02:22 PM
Well, they are trying to make peace in Kosovo. Why not try making it here, too! LOL<P>For some strange reason this topic has gone from best modern countryalbum to a contest between <i>Everywhere</i> and <i>Sevens</i> or Garth and Tim!<P>In my opinion both albums are far from this "award". I am not sure if the best album is even made by one of the two artists. If we were talking about the best album in the last 10 years, I would say <i>Ropinī The Wind</i> is the best one I have heard. But we are talking the last 20 years, and I think we are all too much GB fans (or TM fans ;)), and we are forgetting some of the dinosaurs in countrymusic. Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels has all made great records in the last 20 years, and I think it is unfair not to look at the work they are doing, just because GB or TM are selling more albums these days. It is not the sale which makes it the best, it is what is on the album. Just remember an album like <i>Highwaymen - The Road Goes On Forever</i> which is being close to one of the best in the last 10 years, I think.<P>Okay, that was just my opinion. But promise me guys, that you don't kill each other here. We are here for the fun, and we all have our own opinion, that's the way it shall be ;) N

t.m. fan
06-08-1999, 10:43 AM
Before I listened to country, I listened to pretty much all music, I still do, just not nearly as much. I like alternative and rock, too, as well as 80's music and a/c. I really like some of Bruce's songs like "Born in the U.S.A."! I'm just a big music fan overall, which is why I don't enjoy rap. No offense to any one who listens to rap, I just can't relate to any of the lyrics.<P>I'm glad someone did bring up some other albums beside Garth and Tim. It's nice to see some variety. And to be honest, I can't agree or disagree with Charlie Daniesl, Johnny Cash, etc. because I'm not too familiar with their music. However, I would like to point out that Pilgrim mentioned that the greatest country album of all time should be big in Europe while Palle said that the greatest album of all time shouldn't be determined by sales, but by solely the music alone. I agree, therefore I don't think the greatest country album of all time should HAVE to be big in Europe, if it is, then great. I have a question. Just wondering if George Strait is big in Europe. In all honesty, if we set aside our debate as to what the greatest album of all time is, and think who is the greatest country artist of all time, I would say it has to be George Strait and there isn't a single artist peforming today (probably) besides maybe Strait himself who will tell you otherwise, including Garth. I think the main reason why Garth and maybe pretty soon Faith Hill are big in Europe is the same reason they are so famous here, there music, especially Faith's, is top 40 crossover. They have a lot of non-country listeners. But Pilgrim mentioned that Europe feels Tim McGraw is too boring, so I would doubt that George would be big over there, since he is even more "boring" than Tim McGraw. Well, I guess that's it for now, I've pretty much written an entire book on this subject (LOL)! N

06-08-1999, 11:41 AM
t.m. fan<BR>I don't really know if George Strait is big in Europe, but in Denmark they are playing him every now and then, Hell they even play Chris LeDoux, and I am maybe the only person in DK who have some records with him.(LOL)<BR>They also show some videos with Strait.<BR>I think I can agree with you on George Strait being the greatest country artist of all time.<BR>I have to say that you are lucky t.m. fan, you can tune in on an country station whenever you want, Over here we have to listen to all this damn rapmusic or dancemusic :(<BR>I don't hope that Faith is going to be big the same way Shania Twain did. Her music is now dancemusic, they have made the music the European way, and I think it stinks. :o<BR>Thats my opinion.<P>Brian<P>PS. It is not only Tim McGraw who has some troubles to get foot on Europe, It's almost every "New Country" artist like Kenny Chesney, Steve Warriner etc. :(N

t.m. fan
06-08-1999, 03:36 PM
One more thing, to be sure, I didn't really mean to say that George Strait was boring. I don't want anyone to take my comments out of context the way some folks did before, I just meant to say that George's music style (which I love) isn't one that would probably appeal to the casual listener, such as Europeans. One has to really respect and appreciate country music to love George Strait, like me!N