View Full Version : Artist of the Day?

t.m. fan
06-01-1999, 06:29 PM
What happened to the "Artist of the Day"? I think it's really fun to share favorite songs with other people. I would start a new one, but I don't know which artists you all have already done. Maybe you guys ran out of artists. Well, if someone wanted to make another one, that would be cool by me. N

06-02-1999, 10:20 AM
I think we have to wait for Gator Girl to come back. :)She is in Germany as you know :)<BR>I also think that these are funny to fill out, so I'm looking forward for her to coming back. (???Is that right formulated?) :)<P>BrianN

Teddi Jo
06-02-1999, 01:41 PM
jaredev (where are you now?) and GatorGirl were running that. I'm thinking about trying to keep it going. If I think of anyone I'll post it.N

06-13-1999, 05:42 PM
I am back from Germany now and really happy to see that you all missed the Artist of the Day Thread!!<P>I will start a new thread to keep this thing going! :) <P>MonicaN