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05-26-1999, 06:21 AM
<b>HEY GUYS</b><P>I thought I would bring up this topic. I don't know if you have had one like this before. I will be glad if you would join me.<P><b>What is your 7 favorite country albums APART from these of Garth Brooks</b><P>7 is because, you know... 7 :)(LOL)<P>Here are mine: they are in no particular order.<P>1: The Greatest Hits Collection (Alan Jackson)<BR>2: Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks)<P>3: Come On Come On (Mary-Chapin Carpenter)<P>4: Pure Country (George Strait)<P>5: Simple Man (Charlie Daniels Band)<P>6: It Matters To Me (Faith Hill)<P>7: Stampede (Chris LeDoux)<P>pffuuyi,, that was tough, I have to admit that I could have gone on and on and on. I have tons of country music. So try out if you can look away from Garth just a little moment :) :) (LOL)<P>BrianN

t.m. fan
05-26-1999, 09:23 AM
Mine, hmm:<P>1. "A Place in the Sun" - Tim McGraw <BR> "Everywhere" - Tim McGraw<BR>3. "All I Want" - Tim McGraw<BR> "Not a Moment Too Soon" - Tim McGraw<BR>5. "The Greatest Hits Collection" - Brooks & Dunn<BR>6. George's Boxed set<BR>7. "Greates Hits" - John Michael Montgomery<P> :) I think I'm a member now! :) N

05-26-1999, 12:48 PM
Hard to answer, I don't have many diffrent artist, but I got just about anything with those (except GS)<P>1. The Mavericks: Trampoline<BR>2. Trisha Yearwood: (songbook) A Collection Of Hits<BR>3. The Very Best Of George Strait 1981-1987<BR>4. LeAnn Rimes: Blue<BR>5. Elvis: Great Country Songs<BR>6. Trisha Yearwood: Everybody Knows<BR>7. The Mavericks: From Hell To ParadiseN

05-26-1999, 06:31 PM
Hmmm... Ok, these are my picks:<P>1)Tracy Bryd: Keepers (Greatest Hits)<BR>2)Tracy Bryd: I'm from the Country<BR>3)Collin Raye: The Hits<BR>4)Trisha: Where your roads lead<BR>5)Steve: Holes in the floor of heaven<BR>6)Wilkinsons: Nothin' But Love<BR>7)Reba: If you see him<P>TommyN

05-26-1999, 06:36 PM
Ok I'll jump on in here...<P>1. Dixie Chicks-Wide Open Spaces<BR>2. Lonestar-Crazy Nights<BR>3. Lonestar<BR>4. Shania Twain-Come On Over<BR>5. SHeDAISY-The Whole Shebang (New album, but I really like it)<BR>6. Trisha Yearwood-Where Your Road Leads<BR>7. Reba-Greatest hits vol. 2<P>PaulaN

05-27-1999, 02:20 AM
Well, outside of Garth I probably have maybe 10 other CD's. But here's my picks:<P>1.Faith-Faith Hill<BR>2.A Place In The Sun-Tim McGraw<BR>3.Everywhere-Tim McGraw<BR>4.The Woman In Me-Shania Twain<BR>5.Songbook-TrN

t.m. fan
05-27-1999, 10:33 AM
Nice choices Garthnut1 :)N

05-27-1999, 11:15 PM
This is really hard, but I will try:<P>George Strait - "Greatest Hits"<BR>Dwight Yoakam - "Just Lookin' For A Hit"<BR>Hank Williams, Jr. - "Hank Williams, Jr.'s Greatest Hits"<BR>Tracy Lawrence - "Time Marches On"<BR>Conway Twitty - "Silver Anniversary Collection"<BR>Tracy Lawrence - "Sticks And Stones"<BR>George Strait - "Pure Country Soundtrack"<P><BR>Runners-up<BR>----------<BR>Ricochet - "Ricochet"<BR>Lonestar - "Lonestar"<BR>Lonestar - "Crazy Nights"<BR>Clay Walker - "Greatest Hits"<BR>John Michael Montgomery - "Greatest Hits"<BR>Dwight Yoakam - "Dwight Live"<BR>Alabama - "For The Record"<BR>Tracy Lawrence - "The Coast Is Clear"<BR>Tracy Lawrence - "Alibis"N

05-28-1999, 04:58 AM
<b>theking</b><P>Now I have to ask. Who is Lonestar? I have never ever heard of that band before I got on the PGF. Is a band like Brooks, playing his style of music? Or is it something completely different? I have to know because maybe I'm doomed to buy one of their records to hear the music :) :)<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Dwight Yoakam - "Dwight Live"<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Hey, what a taste in music. :) Dwight Live is one of the favorites from my live collection.<BR>the collection is.<P>Live 1975-85 (Springsteen)<BR>Live Live Live (Bryan Adams)<BR>Dwight Live (Dwight Yoakam)<BR>Double Live (Garth Brooks)<BR>Live In Provinzz (Leningrad Cowboys)<BR>Im Auftrag des Herrn (Die Toten Hosen)<BR>Live LŠnge Leve (Malurt), this is a Danish Rockband and in my opinion one of the 5 best rockbands in the world :)<BR>The minus is, they are nolonger together as a band :(<P>So you have a runners up. Why did'nt I think of that? Hmmm. here are mine.<BR>No particular order.<P>American Cowboy (Chris LeDoux)<BR>The Roots Remain (Charlie Daniels Band)<BR>Stones In The Road (Mary-Chapin Carpenter)<BR>Come On Over (Shania Twain)<BR>Greatest Hits From the Beginning (Travis Tritt)<BR>Waymore's Blues, Part II (Waylon Jennings)<BR>Did I Shave My Legs For This? (Deana Carter)<BR>Now That Ive Found You (Alison Krauss)<BR>Faith (Faith Hill)<BR>Dwight Live (Dwight Yoakam)<BR>Trampoline (The Mavericks)<P>That would be all I guess :) :)<P>BrianN

05-31-1999, 03:19 PM
Wow..this is gonna be hard picking just 7!!<BR>Ok, here we go...<P>1. Faith - Faith Hill<BR>2. Greatest Hits Vol II - Reba McEntire<BR>3. It Matters to Me - Faith Hill<BR>4. All I Want - Tim McGraw<BR>5. Evolution - Martina McBride<BR>6. Wild Angels - Martina McBride<BR>7. I'm trying to decide between "A Place In <BR> the Sun" and "Everywhere"...but I also <BR> want to put "Take Me As I Am" by Faith...<BR> ahhhhh this is tough!!!! ;)N

06-03-1999, 10:45 AM
It's hard to limit it to seven, but I'll try.<P>1. Everywhere we go--Kenny Chesney<BR>2. Everywhere--Tim McGraw<BR>3. Rumor Has It--Clay Walker<BR>4. The Right Place--Bryan White<BR>5. The Best of Tracy Lawrence<BR>6. In My Wildest Dreams--Kenny Chesney<BR>7. Where Your Road Leads--Trisha Yearwood.N

06-03-1999, 06:45 PM
ummmm.....Garth Brooks,No Fences,Ropin' The Wind....o wait sorry i forgot :o ;)...lol..well<BR>if it cant be Garth then it can't be NO ONE,i<BR>don't really listen to country......<P>Ari&lt;---meN

06-08-1999, 01:24 PM
<b>Pilgrim</b>,<P>Lonestar's first album came out around 1995 or 1996. Here are their singles listed in order of release:<P>Tequila Talkin'<BR>No News<BR>Runnin' Away With My Heart<BR>When Cowboys Didn't Dance<BR>Heartbroke Everyday<BR>Come Cryin' To Me<BR>You Walked In<BR>Say When<BR>Everything's Changed<BR>Saturday Night<BR>Amazed - #9 on Billboard this week<P>At least eight of these songs were Top Ten hits, and I know a couple of them were #1 singles.<P>Here is a link to a discography for Lonestar at Blockbuster's Web site:<BR> <A HREF="http://www.blockbuster.com/music/partist.tin?artist=14454&genre=Country" TARGET=_blank>http://www.blockbuster.com/music/partist.tin?artist=14454&genre=Country</A> <P>Their official Web site is located here:<BR> <A HREF="http://www.lonestar-band.com/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.lonestar-band.com/</A> N

06-09-1999, 09:09 AM
Thanx for the link theking.<BR>I have to know if the music is something I like. I only have around 175 country CD's right now (only 20 of GB :o), the most is GB, M-CC and CDB. I also have Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, Chris LeDoux, Alan Jackson, C.W. McCall, Deana Carter and lots more, does Lonestar sound like any of them, and if not, like who do they then sound (do you understand what I mean, it is looking pretty weired to me)?<BR>I have heard of almost every artist in the states here in europe, and thats even when they don't play country that much, but I have NEVER heard of Lonestar :o Now, of course I am curious, and is planning to buy some of their stuff BEFORE I will buy other CD's. I also have heard another band I would like some CD's with, they are called Prairie Oyster, and I really like this music.<BR>I hope you can help me a little bit :) :D<P>BrianN

06-09-1999, 05:31 PM
Here is mine.<P>"Everywhere" - Tim McGraw<BR>"A Place In The Sun" - Tim Mcgraw<P>CindyN

t.m. fan
06-09-1999, 05:36 PM
Right on gbgirl! Mine too! :DN