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05-13-1999, 09:11 AM
Hey I just heard that Ty England is going to sign with Capitol today for a record deal. :) This will be cool because my two favorite artist will be on the same record company, Garth and Ty. :)N

05-13-1999, 10:27 AM
kristen, I heard the same thing today! I've been hanging out at Ty's website all day and no official word has come across there yet! I've been in their chatroom where Ty's wife goes a lot and she hasn't been there all day so nothing official has been said there! I sure hope it's true this time, Ty needs to be back on radio and have albums in stores! Let's hope for the best! :)N

05-13-1999, 10:41 AM
I heard it was in 'The Tennessean', Nashville's newspaper. So I am thinking it is pretty true. :)N

05-13-1999, 03:32 PM
It is official, Ty england is a Capitol recording artist. :) He got a record deal signed today. :) It was just in my email update. :) I'm so happy. :)N

05-15-1999, 02:52 PM
Ty was just on This Week in Country Music about his new record deal and they also mentioned that until Ty gets settled in Nashville he's staying in a trailer on Garth's property. N

05-15-1999, 10:25 PM
very cool :)(cuz' of course he is GB's buddy! :))<P>Ari&lt;---meN

05-16-1999, 06:06 PM
Cool! Ty is a great singer... let's hope that this label can get him the exposure he deserves! <P> :) N

05-17-1999, 04:27 AM
If the label can't get him exposure, then I'm sure Garth can!<BR>djN

05-18-1999, 04:51 PM
There may be a duet with Garth on Ty's next album, according to this site and another one that was linked to countrynow.com: <A HREF="http://countrycool.com/news/05_99/18a_feat.html" TARGET=_blank>http://countrycool.com/news/05_99/18a_feat.html</A> <P>PaulaN

05-18-1999, 09:43 PM
<b>Ok, you guys beat me this time...LOL</b>,<P>Let me make it easier for everyone:<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR><BR> <P>Garth Brooks <BR>Garth Ties England To Capitol <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>(5/17/99, 1 p.m. PDT) - Capitol Nashville has signed yet another F.O.G.--friend of Garth--in the form of Ty England, an artist formerly signed to RCA.<BR>The signing was made official last week, and early reports say a new album could be issued as soon as June or July.<P>England is now the third pal of superstar Garth Brooks to land at Capitol since the headline-grabbing corporate shuffle that delayed Brooks's Sevens project and brought label chief Pat Quigley to Nashville from Capitol's New York office.<P>Though that brouhaha has simmered down, signings like England's continue to fuel criticism that Brooks is the real man in charge at Capitol. However, supporters counter, if that's the case, Brooks could do worse: he brought Steve Wariner to the label, and while Susan Ashton's first single, "Faith Of Heart," faired poorly on the country chart, there's good buzz around the follow-up, "You're Lucky I Love You." Her Capitol debut, Closer, is due out in mid-June.<P>Brooks, it should be noted, has never claimed responsibility for Ashton's signing, though the two share a manager and have been longtime friends.<P>The Ty-Garth connection goes way back. England is a former member of Brooks's band who left in 1994 to launch a solo career. The two have written together. England says Brooks offered to record a duet with him for his two RCA projects, but he turned the offer down both times, not wishing to send the message that he's using Brooks's fame to get ahead.<P>Now, however, England says he's changed his tune. "Screw that--I'm gonna cut a duet with Garth this time, if he will," England told the Tennessean.<BR> <HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>YES!! Garth has friends in EVERY PLACE!!<P>TommyN

05-19-1999, 03:08 AM
I heard yesterday that it's possible that Garth is going to produce Ty's new album! I don't think anything is official yet, but it's a possibility! I think it's great that Ty and Garth are working together again!! :)N