View Full Version : Did Shania perform?

Debbie R
05-06-1999, 06:10 AM
I watched the whole awards show and just now realized I didn't see Shania perform. Did I miss it? If she did, what did she sing and what part of the show was it? I taped it and will probably watch the Garth parts again and I'll watch for her too.<P>I like a lot of Shania's music but I'm not crazy about her persona. However, I thought she really looked naturally beautiful last night... not over done.N

05-06-1999, 06:42 AM
I taped the whole show and have watched it and I don't think Shania performed, so I don't think you missed her, she didn't sing! :)N

05-06-1999, 12:18 PM
I watched the whole thing, I didn't see Shania perform! I also think she looked really pretty last night, not too made up and not too flamboyant in her dress! Really nice!N

05-06-1999, 06:25 PM
nope she did'nt :D<P>Ari&lt;---meN

Debbie R
05-07-1999, 05:41 AM
Thanks, everyone. I guess I'm just shocked that the person everyone thought was such a contender for Entertainer of the Year didn't perform.N

05-07-1999, 02:21 PM
I for one and glad Shania did not perform. I like 90% of Shania's stuff and am most proud that she is a fellow Canadian. But if I had to hear Man, I Feel Like A Woman one more time, I'd be hurling. :) They just overkill the song here in Canada. If she was going to perform and did some her other stuff, it would've been fun. Alas, that is neither here nor there, since she didn't. :)<P>Have a Great day,<BR>Ellie :)<BR>N