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05-01-1999, 06:23 PM
Trisha's video biography will be aired on CMT in a 90 minute special on June 9th, at 8:00 p.m. It contains 20 of her videos.<P>Hopefully, this will be brought back to the top before June 9th. I'll probably be the one to forget...it's my daughter's graduation that night.<P>Julie<P>P.S. More info at country.comN

05-01-1999, 06:29 PM
Thank for the info!<BR>Please remember to remind me. LOL<P>Country@Heart :)N

Teddi Jo
05-02-1999, 06:44 AM
Thanks for the info! I'll be watching for it.N

05-02-1999, 04:38 PM
Thanks for this info...I seem to always miss the Celebrity Showcase when she is on...<P>So I will make point to watch this one! :) N

05-03-1999, 06:16 PM
very cool!!!!!......thanx for the info!!! ;)<P>Ari&lt;---meN

06-02-1999, 11:18 AM
Bringing this back to the top as a reminder....one week from today...don't forget...June 9th...8:00 pm. EDT.<P>Julie<P>I'll have to remind myself to set the VCR...daughter's high school graduation that night..YEAH!!!...SHE MADE IT!!!N

06-02-1999, 11:33 AM
Thanks Julie, <P>I just marked in my dayplanner so I won't forget!!<P>DeniseN

06-02-1999, 11:41 AM
I would love to see this, but we dont get CMT :( If somebody can record one of the repeated showings for me, I'd be happy to pay for the tape and shipping. :)<P>According to Country Weekly, it will be on Wed 6/9 at 8pm, and repeats 6/11 at 8pm; 6/12 at 2pm; 6/13 at 10pm; 7/3 at 7pm; 7/5 at 5pm; and 7/8 at 10am & 8pm (all times are EST).N

Teddi Jo
06-02-1999, 01:40 PM
THANK YOU for reminding me - I'll have to check out CMT Canada to see if it'll be on here - it better be ! :)N