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04-29-1999, 07:27 PM
<b> What is Tim McGraw's father famous for?</b><P>1. songwriter<P>2. Baseball Player<P>3. Heart Surgeon<P><b> Who did Vince Gill write the song "Go Rest High" for?</b><P>1. His brother<P>2. Keith Whitley <P>3. His Grandfather<P>N

04-29-1999, 09:13 PM
Tim McGraw's father was a baseball player and I believe Vince Gill wrote "Go Rest High" for his brother. A liitle side note, Tim's grandfather was also a baseball player and is probably best known for being a very successful manager.N

04-30-1999, 02:41 AM
I would go for:<P>Baseball player<P>for his grandfather<P>PhilipN

04-30-1999, 03:41 AM
Tim's father is Tug McGraw, a baseball player. Vince started writing Go Rest High on That Mountain when Keith Whitley died and finished it when his brother died. So my answer to the second question is 1 and 2.<P>PaulaN

04-30-1999, 03:48 AM
Here we go:<P>Baseball Player<P>His BrotherN

04-30-1999, 06:52 PM
I vote with Paula(really that was my answer but you said it first).N

Teddi Jo
05-01-1999, 03:40 AM
1) I have no idea but I'll say baseball player.<P>2) This one I'm pretty sure I know - his brother who passed away.<P>N

05-01-1999, 08:05 AM
I agree with Paula.She was just quicker.LOLN

05-01-1999, 09:08 AM
<b>Paula, your right on the money!</b><P>1. Baseball player (Tug McGraw)<P>2. Vince started writing the song after Keith Whitley died and did'nt finish it until his brother passed away! <P>Great Job everyone! N

05-01-1999, 04:41 PM
Just a little more trivia on Tim and his father.Tim didn't know his father WAS Tug Mcgraw until he was 12 or 13(not sure of age) but was a fan of Tug's and had his picture on his wall.After meeting and making contact with his father he changed his name to Mcgraw from the name of his mothers husband who had claimed him.(sorry can't remember the name either).N

05-01-1999, 05:32 PM
wow kewl. i'm learnign all kinds of kewl things i didn't know before we started this trivia. this is really great!! :)N

05-01-1999, 05:48 PM
<b>MJ</b>,<P>Was her name Trimble or something like that?<P>PaulaN

05-01-1999, 06:35 PM
Paula: that name rings a bell but I can't say for sure.When Tim first started topping the charts there was an article in country weekly about the events leading up to the discovery of his real father.There may have been a book written about it(from his mothers story)I just can't remember all the details.N